These Terms and Conditionsapply to all participants of Asia Internship Program. By submitting yourapplication, you are entering into this Agreement.

We have attempted to makethis Agreement easy to read and understand by categorizing each section. Thesecategories have been inserted for your convenience only and do not affect thelegal construction or interpretation of this Agreement.


“you” or “your” means theparticipant.

“we”, “us” or “our” meansAsia Internship Program or “AIP”.

Agreement means contractuallybinding agreement between us and you that is made up of the application formand the terms and conditions set out in this document.

Commencement Date means thedate, agreed upon with you in advance, that the program begins in the localdestination.

Deposit means the part of theprogram fee that must be paid by you in advance of your placement in order tosecure your place on the program prior to the payment of the balance of theprogram fee, such balance being payable in accordance with section 3 below.

Participant means a participanton the program and participants means all and any participant.

Program means any internshipplacements or service offered by AIP.

Preference Area meansyour first and second choice of industry role as established on thePhone/Google Hangout interview during our admissions process.

Program Fee means the sum of theremaining balance after the Deposit, payable by you to us in accordance withSection 3 below.

Placement Deadline means 14days prior to your Commencement Date or agreed upon otherwise

Internship Provider meansyour host company

Acceptance letter means theletter provided electronically to you confirming AIP has accepted you into ourprogram

Asia Internship Program or AIPmeans “AIP SG PTE LTD” 60 Tessensohn Road #02-01A Club CSC @ TessensohnSingapore 217664, Registration number 201810409G


Inreturn for receipt of the Program Fee, we will undertake the following:

              1.1.       to provide you with aninternship placement within the industry as illustrated in your AcceptanceLetter or otherwise agreed in writing;

              1.2.       to provide contact detailsof local staff in case of any difficulties or problems experienced and tofacilitate emergency support if necessary;

              1.3.       to provide furnished accommodationthat meets the following minimum standards:

                                       1.3.1.           with a single bed in your bedroom;

                                       1.3.2.           with adequate bathroom, toilet and shower facilities;

                                       1.3.3.           with electricity, gas, and water for which AIP will cover thepayment per month that does not exceed:

                                                       in Thailand 4,000 THB

                                                       in Singapore 140 SGD

                                                       in South Korea 70,000 KRW

                                                       in Hong Kong 780 HKD

                                                       in China 100 CNY

                                 in Spain 103 EUR 

                                 in Australia 165 AUD 

                                 in Italy 103 EUR 

                                 in South Africa 1,800 ZAR

                              in Japan 13,500 JPY 

                              in Indonesia 120 USD

                              in Malaysia 500 MYR

                              in Russia 8,600 RUB 

                              in Taiwan 3,400 TWD

                              in Vietnam 120 USD

              1.4.       to provide accommodationfor the duration of your placement. Calculated as follows: Number of months’ x30 days i.e. a 2-month standard package is equal to 60 days of accommodation.Extended stay is subject to additional charges, the rate of which is calculateddaily by the accommodation provider.

         1.5.     commute duration from accommodation to workplace can range from 20 to 40 minutes.  

         1.6.     the accommodation might be shared with mixed genders from anywhere between 2 to 10 persons. 

              1.7.       to provide you with atransfer, at a time agreed between us, from the closest international airportto your accommodation on your arrival, prior to your commencement to theProgram;

              1.8.       to provide an induction,orientation talk or document upon or prior to your arrival.


              2.1.       We retain all rights toreject the application of any individuals we deem unsuitable for our Program atour own discretion. The factors that determine the success of your applicationinclude visa eligibility, English proficiency, strength of your profile inrelation to your chosen industry, and the level of competition during the timeof your application. We have a no discrimination policy and do not rejectapplicants due to their gender, religion, race, or nationality.

To verify your suitability, we may request you to provide contact details ofyour references and any additional documents required for the visa applicationprocess of your chosen internship destination.


              3.1.       Your Initial Deposit(“Deposit”) is $500 USD. The Deposit is in return for a service; with the feebeing solely used to reserve your position in the program and cover relatedadministration expenses.

Upon receiving your Deposit, AIP agrees to place you in an internship by thePlacement Deadline. We also guarantee that the price of your chosen packagewill remain the same in the case that we raise our fees before you have to payyour final payment.

50% of your Deposit is allocated to admissions and application processing feesand is non-refundable for any reason. All cases of deposit refund indicated hereafterare for the remaining 50%.

              3.2.       Upon payment of your Deposit,you agree the information illustrated in your acceptance letter is correct andwill fully cooperate with AIP in its attempt to find you an internshipplacement. Examples of non-cooperation include, but are not limited to:

                                       3.2.1.           not actively working withyour assigned Internship Coordinator;

                                       3.2.2.           skipping, missing, orarriving late for your scheduled internship interviews;

                                       3.2.3.           not engaging in internshipdiscussions with your Internship Coordinator;

                                       3.2.4.           not responding to AsiaInternship Program communications within 72 hours regardless of non-workingdays;

                                       3.2.5.           allowing the placementprocess to be delayed due to missing agreed payment due dates;

                                       3.2.6.           refusing internshipsoffered to you if they are your first or second choice as stated in youracceptance letter or unless agreed otherwise in writing;

                                       3.2.7.           refusing to interview witha company suggested by AIP for any reason;

                                       3.2.8.           contacting our InternshipProvider (your host company) without express written consent from AIP;

                                       3.2.9.           making requests that falloutside of what AIP guarantees;

                                   3.2.10.           failing to meet your responsibilitiesindicated in Section 8 of this Terms & Conditions;

                                   3.2.11.           insulting, criticizing,offending, and defaming AIP and its representative;

                                   3.2.12.           using any communicationchannel other than email to reach AIP coordinator.

              3.3.       Upon payment of your Deposityou agree that it is your responsibility to prepare for the internship interviewarranged by us. If you fail to adequately prepare for the internship interviewyou will automatically forfeit your Deposit. Failing to properly prepare forthe internship interview is defined as failing one or more of the points below:

                                       3.3.1.           not properly researching aboutthe internship provider;

                                       3.3.2.           not properly learning aboutthe industry job function;

                                       3.3.3.           missing the scheduledinterview time without prior notice of 3 hours minimum before interview time;

                                       3.3.4.           failing three or moreinterviews;

                                       3.3.5.           failure to provide a sampleportfolio of your previous work (if requested);

                                       3.3.6.           making requests that falloutside of what AIP guarantees.

              3.4.       If AIP is unable to placeyou in an internship role as stated in your Acceptance Letter or other roleslater communicated to us in writing before the placement deadline, you will begiven the option

                                       3.4.1.           to withdraw from theprogram and receive a refund of your Deposit;

                                       3.4.2.           to request for AIP tocontinue the search process until you are placed; if AIP is still unable to placeyou within the extended time, you may request to extend the deadline further orchoose to receive a refund of your deposit. Note, refund is only applicable ifyou do not fail any of the conditions stated in section 3.2 and 3.3.

              3.5.       If your Deposit is receivedby us less than 8 weeks before the Commencement Date, your Commencement Dateand Placement Deadline will be delayed by the number of days the Deposit shouldhave been received by (minimum of 8 weeks prior). However, if AIPx fee is paidtogether with the Deposit, an earlier Commencement Date can be set by agreeingwith your AIP representative in writing.

              3.6.       All Program Fees must bepaid in full within 5 days of confirming your internship position or 30 daysprior to the Commencement Date whichever is earlier. If the internship positionis confirmed less than 30 days prior to the Commencement date, the fee must bepaid immediately within 1 working day. Participants who fail to meet thisrequirement may receive none of the benefits of the Program. This includeswithout limitation; placement in a confirmed program, airport transfers andaccommodation.

              3.7.       You are responsible forcovering all and any charges related to foreign currency transfers andinternational bank payments; this applies to your Deposit, Program Fee and any othertransaction to us. If you underpaid any of the payment due to not coveringforeign currency exchange fees, international bank transfer fees, or any otherreason, you will make up the remaining balance by making another transaction.

              3.8.       You agree to pay late fees(and interest where applicable) for any late payment passed the due dateindicated on the invoice. If you wish to extend the payment deadline or disputethe invoice, this must be done in writing to your AIP representative within 3days after receiving the invoice or payment request and at least 1 day beforethe payment due date.

              3.9.       By making the payment ofthe Program Fee either partially or in full, sending an email confirmation tous, or sign the internship agreement, you confirm that you have fully acceptedthe internship offered.

           3.10.       AIPx fees are to be paidtogether with your Deposit.

           3.11.       If you apply for Singapore,you have to provide proof of acceptance for the Work Holiday Pass. If yourproof of acceptance is received by us less than 8 weeks before the CommencementDate, Your Commencement Date will be delayed by the number of days the proof ofacceptance should have been received (minimum of 8 weeks prior). AIP will onlystart the placement process after receiving your proof of acceptance.

Alternatively, you mayrequest AIP to proceed with the placement process before you receive the proofof acceptance of the Work Holiday Pass. However, your deposit will not berefundable in the case your application is denied by the Ministry of Manpowerof Singapore.


              4.1.       If you wish to withdrawfrom the Program it must be done with a written request. For the avoidance ofdoubt, such a written must be made by email to your assigned InternshipCoordinator.

              4.2.       If you withdraw from theProgram for any reason other than AIP’s failure to place you by the PlacementDeadline within your agreed chosen industry, or if AIP determines, in its solediscretion, you did not fully cooperate in the placement process at any timebefore the Placement Deadline, such as stated in the conditions in section 3.2and 3.3, AIP will be entitled to the Deposit.

              4.3.       If you withdraw from theProgram or amend any aspect of the program for any reason after being placedwith an Internship Provider, AIP will be entitled to the full amount of thePlacement Package or 50% of the Standard / Signature Package Fee. If thewithdrawal takes place less than 30 days before the Commencement Date, AIP willbe entitled to the full amount on all three Programs Fees.

              4.4.       Unless previously agreed, ifyou want to change the dates of your participation in the Program, or changeany part of the information stated in the acceptance letter after the internshiphas been confirmed or after paying the associated program fees, up to $500 USDor 25% of your package fee (whichever is greater) will be charged as additionaladministrative fees. If such a request is made within 30 days of theCommencement Date or after an invitation letter has been issued, we reserve theright to refuse the change request or apply an additional charge, which shallbe determined at our sole discretion.

              4.5.       In the event that, for anyreason at all, you decide to discontinue your place on the Program after it hasstarted you will not be eligible for a refund of the Deposit, Program Fee, AIPxfee or any other additional fees.

              4.6.       If, for any reason, we haveto cancel your participation in the Program, prior to your commencement date, afull refund of the Program Fee, including the Deposit, will be given to you. Afull refund will be issued only if the cancellation is for reasons notattributable to you unless the reason falls within the parameter of Section7.2. No compensation can be given for any other costs incurred in relation tothe Program. These costs may include but are not limited to flights, insurance,accommodation, and visa fees.

              4.7.       All refunds will be issuedminus any administration, currency exchange, and bank transfer fees, which canamount to 10% of the total payment.

              4.8.       All refunds will be issuedwithin 60 days after an official request and necessary beneficiary details havebeen provided in full in writing.


              5.1.       The content and informationdisplayed on our website and other promotional material is believed to be validand correct but we will not be held liable and do not take any responsibilityfor any misinformation or ambiguities in the content. Prices are subject tochange without notice and you will be liable for additional amounts owed due toprice changes unless your Deposit has already been paid in which case you willbe entitled to the price of the selected package at the time you have made yourDeposit.

              5.2.       We reserve the right totake your photograph, or video footage of you, for use in our promotional material.We do not make any payments to individuals in respect of such use. We may reproducethe photographs in our promotional material including, without limitation,posters, advertisements, printed publications, on our website and social mediawebsite pages. Copyright in the photographs will belong to AIP. Photographicdata is personal data for the purposes of the Personal Data Protection Act 2012and therefore we will not use the images taken without your consent and we willnot use your image, or any other information you provide for any other purpose.By agreeing to these terms and conditions, you consent for your photographicdata to be used for our promotional purposes.


              6.1.       We reserve the right tochange our suppliers and the format of our Program as and when necessary,however we will endeavor to provide as similar a Program as possible at alltimes.


              7.1.       We cannot accept anyresponsibility or liability for loss of or damage to your passport, any otherpersonal identification, or any property in any part of the immigration visaprocess, during transit, or during registration.

              7.2.       We cannot accept anyresponsibility or liability for Program changes or Program cancellations underany of the following circumstances: war or threat of war; terrorism; fire;sickness; or, any other event or circumstance which amounts to a “forcemajeure”. In such cases, no refund or compensation for any loss will be givento you.

              7.3.       Youunderstand that the principal of AIP’s service is internship placement and allother program features are additional services that are either complimentary orwith extra charge. You agree that AIP has completed its primary duty when an internshipoffer in your chosen industry has been provided and that AIP is entitled to aminimum service fee equivalent to the placement package fee according to your chosendestination and duration regardless of whether you accept or partake in theinternship. We cannot be liable for your inability to attend the internship forany reason which include but not limited to sickness, parents and/or universityrestrictions, change in visa regulations, and any circumstance which amounts toa “force majeure” or beyond AIP’s control.


              8.1.       It is your responsibilityto be aware of any national holidays or other events that may change the natureof the Program. While most companies operate a 08:00 – 18:00 working policy,some may have different requirements and we cannot be held responsible for this.This includes the working days and operation hours of the concerned embassythat you will be applying your visa. AIP is not liable for any additional coststhat may arise from the changes and delays of your travel arrangements due tothis matter.

              8.2.       International flights arenot included in the cost of any of our Programs. It is your sole responsibilityto arrange flights and to select providers based on your own decisions andexperiences. We cannot be held responsible for any action, negligence, or eventrelating to the purchase or operation of flight tickets or flights. We willalso not be responsible for any costs, refunds, or any program features missingdue to changes or delays of your arrival and departure.

              8.3.       It is your responsibilityto arrange your own immigration visa where we will provide visa assistance inthe form of advice as best to our current research and knowledge. We cannot beheld liable for any changes in the visa regulations, costs, or delays relatingto your immigration visa acquisition. These costs include and not limited tothe visa application, travel, and accommodation.

              8.4.       It is your responsibilityto verify the required documents in order to obtain your immigration visa byliaising with the consulate/embassy of your chosen destination. Please notethat immigration visa policies are subject to change and differs according toyour country of origin / residence. We cannot be held liable for the change invisa immigration policies and will advise, and provide documents according toour most recent information to our knowledge.

              8.5.       It is your responsibilityto arrange your immigration visa according to your Commencement Date. We cannotbe held liable for any costs or delays relating to postponements of your CommencementDate relating to your visa acquisition.

              8.6.       It is your responsibility toprovide your written feedback via email of the interview with potential hostcompanies and whether you would like to accept the internship offer within 24hours after the interview. It is also your responsibility to decide whether to acceptor decline an internship offer within 5 days by sending a confirmation email indicatingyour decision to your AIP representative.

              8.7.       It is your responsibilityto provide updates about the visa application process or related documents, ifrequested.

              8.8.       It is your responsibilityto register for all AIP related events by the deadline set. Failure to complywill result in you forfeiting your attendance.

              8.9.       It is your responsibilityto inform us if your internship is academic credit bearing and to submit allrelated documentation and information to AIP during the initial interview priorto receiving AIP acceptance letter and paying your Deposit. These documents andinformation including but not limited to your university internship guidelines,university internship agreement, and university's criteria for acceptinginternship position and/or host company. Failure to do so, AIP will not beresponsible and will be entitled to your Initial Deposit and Program Fee regardlessof whether your university approves or rejects an internship position that wehave secured for you.

           8.10.       AIP’s standard internshipsare full time positions with approximately 40 hours per week (generally Monday- Friday 9:00 - 17:00). It is your responsibility to inform AIP prior to payingyour deposit if you are seeking part-time internship with your exactavailability for the internship per week. Failure to do so, AIP will not beresponsible and will be entitled to your Initial Deposit and Program Feeregardless of whether you can fulfill the internship hours requested by theInternship Provider.

           8.11.       It is your responsibilityto ensure that you are able to financially sustain your living at yourinternship destination for the duration of your internship. We are not responsibleto secure internships that provide any form of compensation nor are we liablefor any changes to the compensation package provided by the Internship Providerat any stage of the process.

           8.12.       It is your responsibilityto maintain the cleanliness and state of the accommodation provided in the samecondition as presented to you on the move in date. This includes all furniture,appliances, and other items in the room. You agree to immediately inform AIP ofany damages to the accommodation including any items in it. You agree that youare responsible to cover any costs arising from the damages occurred duringyour stay. If the accommodation provider (“Host”) claims and provides evidencethat you as a Guest have damaged the accommodation or any personal or other propertyat the accommodation ("Damage Claim"), the Host can seek paymentdirectly from you. If the Host escalates a Damage Claim to AIP, you will begiven an opportunity to respond. If you agree to pay the Host, or AIPdetermines in its sole discretion that you are responsible for the DamageClaim, AIP will, after the end of your stay, collect any such sums from youand/or against the Security Deposit (if applicable) required to cover theDamage Claim. AIP also reserves the right to otherwise collect payment from youand pursue any remedies available to AIP in this regard in situations in whichyou are responsible for a Damage Claim, including, but not limited to, inrelation to any payment requests made by the Host for any additional costsarise from the use of utilities over the limit stated in section 1.3.

           8.13.       You are responsible formonitoring the validity of your own immigration visa and inform AIP of itsexpiry date. If you require to extend or obtain a new visa, you will inform AIPa minimum of 30 days prior to the expiry date. AIP will suggest options inwhich you can extend or obtain a new visa. AIP is only responsible for ensuringthat you can stay in the country during your internship duration and is notresponsible for ensuring that you can stay in the country before and after yourinternship.


              9.1.       If you should experienceany problems whilst partaking in our Program, you must immediately inform us inwriting by email with a clear explanation of the problem. In such an event, wewill discuss the problem with you and will discuss ways in which the problemcan be solved. You will allow AIP a minimum of 7 days and no more than 30 daysto investigate and attempt to mitigate the issue. We are not responsible forany conversations or anything that is said unless it is recorded in the writtenform either by email or letter.

              9.2.       You agree to discuss anyproblems in your placement with your AIP Internship Coordinator prior todiscussion with your Internship Provider. If the assigned Internship Providerwishes to terminate your placement prior to the end of the stated time as aresult of your inadequate, unhelpful participation, or prolonged or repeatedabsence from work, you understand that no refund of fees will be given in thissituation and we are under no obligation to provide another placement. In sucha case, you will be required to leave the provided accommodation within 7 daysafter your internship is terminated.

              9.3.       If you wish to terminateyour placement prior to the end of the time stated in the internship agreementfor any reason you must provide us with written notice, clearly stating thereasons for such a decision. You agree that no refund of the Program Fee or anyother fees will be made in this situation, that no other placement will be offered,and that you will be required to leave the provided accommodation 7 days ofbeing informed by us.

              9.4.       If you should deem theaccommodation that has been provided to you to be unsuitable, AIP must benotified within 3 days of the start of your first day in that accommodation inorder for remedies to be made.

              9.5.       AIP cannot be heldresponsible for any complaints arising from issues outside of thespecifications made in Section 1.3, this includes, without limitation,relations with other inhabitants of the apartment/home-stay, and relations withyour neighbors.

              9.6.       If you should deem yourinternship to be unsuitable you agree to immediately inform AIP and allow AIPto attempt to resolve the issue. AIP may suggest actions you can take where youagree to fully cooperate. If AIP has exhausted all avenues to improve thesituation and the issue in your internship is for reasons not attributable toyou, you may request for AIP to secure you a new internship. You understandthat the new placement process may take up to 30 days and the tasks in your newplacement may be less dynamic due to the shorten internship duration. AIPreserves the right to refuse the request if you have less than 60 days left inthe program.

              9.7.       You agree that you will fullycooperate with AIP in attempt to resolve your issues by responding to allcommunication with AIP in a timely manner. You understand that your swift responseis necessary for AIP to help resolve your problems. AIP may dismiss your claim ifyou fail to respond to AIP’s communication within 7 days.


           10.1.       We, our partner companies,suppliers and members of staff cannot be held responsible for any case ofinjury, accident, death, claim, theft, damage, sickness, cancellation or loss,in relation to our/their services.

           10.2.       You are responsible for yourown safety during the trip and neither we, nor the assigned Internship Provider,take responsibility nor can be held liable for any accident, sickness, death,loss, damage, expense or hazard encountered throughout the Program.

           10.3.       You will be held responsibleand liable for any damages to the assigned Internship Provider during yourplacement. It is your sole responsibility to ensure you purchase personalliability insurance prior to the Commencement Date.


           11.1.       In situations where you donot comply with the rules of the assigned Internship Provider, rules of ourProgram, or the law of the country to which you are interning in, we mayterminate your participation from the Program and no refund will be granted toyou and you will be required to leave the provided accommodation within 48hours of being informed by us.

           11.2.       You will be held legallyresponsible for your conduct at all times during the Program. You will not actirresponsibly nor will you break the law of the country to which you go. Youwill not put yourself or others in dangerous situations. If you do any of theabove, you will be responsible for the consequences.

           11.3.       We reserve the right toexpel, at our sole discretion, any Participant from the Program for reasonsincluding but not limited to: breaking the law; bullying or harassment of otherParticipants; anti-social or unreasonable behavior or unfit conduct towardsother group members, our representatives, our suppliers, or the assignedInternship Provider; or excessive absence from your internship. We willdetermine whether a Participant has acted in any of the ways set out above atour sole discretion. In such instances, we retain the right to immediatelyeject the Participant from his or her accommodation and cancel theirparticipation in the Program.


           12.1.       We take no responsibilityand are not liable for any third party behavior or actions including but notlimited to that of the Internship Provider and accommodation provider. We donot take responsibility and are not liable for any accidents that take place atany third party locations including but not limited to the premises of theInternship Provider and the designated accommodation. It is your responsibilityto ensure you purchase personal liability insurance prior to the CommencementDate.

           12.2.       In some instances, you maybe required to move rooms subject to availability of the rooms of theaccommodation provider in regards to your arrival and departure dates. Youagree that you may be put in a temporary accommodation before moving into yourassigned accommodation. AIP will provide a minimum notice of 7 days and willmake transportation arrangements or reimburse transportation costs iftransportation is required. Your mode of transportation must be approved by AIPand proof of the costs spent on the transportation must be provided to receiveany reimbursement.


           13.1.       You are allowed to haveguests to stay in your assigned accommodation only after receiving a writtenapproval from us.


           14.1.       You are responsible for ensuringthat you have purchased full comprehensive insurance prior to departure, whichwill cover you for the duration of your participation in the Program and whichinclude but is not limited to travel, health, medical and accident insurance.You must bring all relevant insurance documents with you to the country inwhich you are placed.


           15.1.       In instances where it isdemanded by the Internship Provider, you agree to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreementwith the assigned Internship Provider. Regardless of whether or not theassigned Internship Provider requires a written Non-Disclosure Agreement, youagree to respect and keep confidential the intellectual property of the assignedInternship Provider. Any work produced during your internship remains theproperty of your assigned Internship Provider unless specified otherwise inwriting by your Internship Provider. AIP is not responsible for any of youractions arising from this matter.

           15.2.       You hereby agree not todisclose specifics of any disputes you may have regarding your internship or otheraspects of the program to other program participants, third parties outside ofAIP, or your assigned Internship Provider. AIP reserves the right to claim for anydamages arising from the information you disclose regarding the disputes.


           16.1.       We are not responsible forthe workload provided by the Internship Provider whether it is of high or lowvolume. In such situations, you should discuss the problem with us and we willendeavor to resolve the issue accordingly.


           17.1.       To comply with immigrationvisa regulations of the country to which you are going to, and to ensure thesafety of yourself, other program participants, Internship Provider, and AIPstaff, you must notify us prior to paying your Deposit if you have any medicalconditions (mental or psychological) that require prescribed medication,special medical attention, or any conditions that may hinder you from completingthe Program and/or may cause danger to you or others around you. It is AIP’sresponsibility to inform you whether you can continue with the Program prior tomaking the Deposit payment. Failure to do so, AIP will be unable to make thenecessary arrangements to ensure that you can participate in the program and/orensure the safety of all parties. If we find that your condition may cause orhave caused harm to any of the parties mentioned above, we in our solediscretion may immediately terminate you from the Program with no refund or anyform of compensation. In such a case, you will be required to leave the providedaccommodation within two days of being informed by us.

           17.2.       You must inform us of anytravel abroad or any other unavailability of passport for visa processing duringthe 6 weeks prior to the Commencement Date. You must inform us of any unavailabilityof passport in this period at least 2 months before the Commencement Date. Wecannot be held responsible for additional costs for express processing,postage, submission in person by our staff, or delay or cancellation of programdue to failure to inform us of such details.


           18.1.       Our maximum liability islimited to the Program Fee.


           19.1.       Requests for any additionsto the Program by you when you are already in the country in which you are placedwill incur the full fee difference between the original Program and the desiredProgram, plus an administration fee of up to $500 USD. Any such Program changesor extensions are made at the sole discretion of AIP and cannot be guaranteed.

           19.2.       Any requested removals,reductions or amendment to the Program will not entitle you to a full orpartial refund from your Deposit, Program Fee, AIPx fee or any other paymentalready paid.

           19.3.       In instances that yourdecision to shorten your internship duration or to change any aspect of theprogram causes the Internship Provider to cancel or terminate your internship,AIP is not responsible for securing a new internship placement for you. You acknowledgethat no refunds or compensation will be provided. You may request for AIP tosecure you a new placement. However, we reserve the right to refuse the requestor apply an additional charge, which shall be determined at our sole discretion.


           20.1.       Placement Package

                                   20.1.1.           Customized internship placement: Guaranteed internship placement according to your first orsecond industry choice or any other additional industry choice communicatedwith your AIP representative in writing.

                                   20.1.2.           24/7 emergency assistance: AnAIP representative that you are able to contact at any time while you are onthe ground at your internship destination. The service is reserved foremergencies only. Emergencies are events such as being ill that you require medicalattention, injuries, political unrests, and natural disasters. AIP is notresponsible for additional costs that may arise from assisting you in makingadditional arrangements. These arrangements may include but not limited to medicalprocedure, transportation, and accommodation. AIP is also not responsible inassisting in any matters outside the borders of the country of your internshipdestination.

                                   20.1.3.           Visa assistance: Adviceand suggestions regarding visa related matters that will allow you to intern atyour internship destination. AIP is not responsible for submitting visa applicationsfor you. You are still responsible to submit visa applications yourself andobtain any documents that you need where AIP will assist in obtaining any necessarydocuments from your Internship Provider. AIP and Internship Provider is notliable for any costs arising from visa application fee and travel costs toembassies/consulates. In certain destinations such as South Korea and Japan,visa exemption is considered a visa that is acceptable to legally partake in anunpaid internship.

                                   20.1.4.           CV/Resume enhancement: Advice onhow to improve your CV/resume. This is provided before and during the placementprocess for the purpose of increasing the chances of successfully securing youan internship. If we find that your CV/resume is adequate as it is, AIP reservethe right to proceed with the placement process without any adjustment to the documents.

                                   20.1.5.           Certification from host company: A document that confirms your participation in an internship programat your host company. This document can be but not limited to a certificate orreference letter. You are responsible for requesting the document from yourhost company before completing your internship. AIP is not responsible if theInternship Provider refuses to issue such document due to your unsatisfactoryperformance or behavior in the internship.

           20.2.       Standard Package

                                   20.2.1.           Placement package features: Allthe features mentioned in Section 20.1.

                                   20.2.2.           Furnished accommodation: Accommodationwith minimum standards stated in Section 1.3 and 1.4.

                                   20.2.3.           Airport pick-up at arrival: Airporttransfer to your arranged accommodation when you arrive at your internshipdestination.

                                   20.2.4.           Preloaded transportation card: Transportation card(s) that will allow you to travel to and fromyour internship. The card(s) will be credited with the amount enough for you totravel between your accommodation and Internship Provider for 20 round tripsonly. You are responsible for any additional costs in addition to what was mentioned.The feature is sometimes unavailable in certain destinations (i.e. Vietnam)according to the availability of the service in the respective city or country.

                                   20.2.5.           Domestic SIM card: Local SIMcard of your internship destination that will be valid for a minimum of 90days.You are responsible for choosing the service plan that is suitable for you andall the costs associated with it.

                                   20.2.6.           Pickup and dropoff from your apartment to your workplace on yourfirst day: An AIP representative willshow you the best route to travel to your Internship Provider using publictransportation. This can be on your internship commencement date or prior tothat.

           20.3.       Signature Package

                                   20.3.1.           Standard package features: Allthe features mentioned in Section 20.2.

                                   20.3.2.           Deluxe accommodation: A more deluxeaccommodation relative to furnished accommodation mentioned in section 20.2.2.Depending on the destination, this may mean being assigned to private roominstead of shared room, to accommodation with more facilities, to a morecentrally located accommodation or having regular cleaning service.

                                   20.3.3.           Gym pass: Access to fitnesscenter in the city of your internship whether it is in your accommodation orother fitness center providers.

                                   20.3.4.           Monthly trip to explore the country: Monthly excursions that is organized within the country of yourinternship destination. This can be a day activity or overnight trip subject toAIP’s offer on that month.

                                   20.3.5.           Language classes: A courseof the local language of your internship destination. We only provide foundation/beginnercourse. The schedule and location of the course varies depending on eachdestination.

                                   20.3.6.           Exclusive networking events: Accessto exclusive networking event once per month (Thailand Only).

           20.4.       Additional Services

                                   20.4.1.           AIPx: A supplementary servicethat accelerates the internship admission process whereby we agree to schedulean interview with an Internship Provider within 11 working days after receivingyour Deposit and AIPx fee. However, we cannot and do not guarantee all yourinternship expectations will be met.


           21.1.       We do not guarantee paidinternships and any form of compensation from the Internship Provider. Allapplicants must be willing to accept such position before submitting theirapplication. You agree that you will not and cannot refuse a position due to inadequatecompensation.

           21.2.       We do not guarantee thatthe Internship Provider’s office will be located within a specific area of yourchoice. We can only guarantee that the internship will be in your chosendestination and not in a certain district or sub district of your choice unlessagreed upon otherwise in writing before commencing the placement process. Youagree that you will not and cannot refuse a position due to the location ofyour internship placement.

           21.3.       We do not guarantee thatthe visa you obtain to intern in your internship destination will allow you tostay for the entire period of your internship. In such case, you will need toeither make an extension at the local immigration office or leave the countryto obtain a new visa, whether it is in a neighboring country, your homecountry, or your country of residence, whichever we suggest is an option foryou. You acknowledge that the Program Fee does not cover any additional coststhat may arise from this and that you are responsible for making your own arrangementsaccording to our suggestion. You also agree that you are responsible for any consequencesif you do not follow our suggestions.

           21.4.       We do not guarantee thatthe visa you obtain will allow you to legally earn income outside of the internshipthat we’ve secured. You acknowledge that we do not approve of you earningincome illegally and are not responsible for any consequences that may arisefrom such an event.

           21.5.       We do not guarantee thatthe internship offered will have specific elements that you desire. We can onlyguarantee that the tasks of the internship will be within your chosen field.This includes but not limited to the industry of the company, size of the company,and work environment of the company. You acknowledge and agree that you cannotdecline an internship offer that the role is within your chosen industry.

           21.6.       We do not guarantee thatthe accommodation provided will be the same amongst all applicants.Accommodation may differ for each program participant depending on internshiplocation, availability, and packages.

           21.7.       We do not guarantee thatthe accommodation will include kitchen, cooking appliances, kitchen utensils,swimming pool, gyms, and features that is not mentioned in Section 1.3.

           21.8.       We do not guarantee privatebedroom or private bathroom. You may require to share a room with other programparticipants or others that are assigned by the accommodation provider. Theroom arrangements differ according to internship destination and packages.

           21.9.       We do not provide more thanone internship suggestion at a time. We reserve the right to conclude theplacement process once an internship of your chosen industry has been offeredto you. In some cases, you may have multiple choices regarding your internshipoptions where you may only select one. All remaining opportunities will automaticallybe declined after you have selected a position. Once a position has beendeclined, you cannot later decide to pursue it.


           22.1.       A person who is not a partyto this Agreement shall not have any rights under or in connection with theAgreement.

           22.2.       The rights of the partiesto terminate, rescind, or agree any variation, waiver or settlement under theAgreement is not subject to the consent of any person that is not a party tothis agreement.

           22.3.       If a provision of theAgreement (or part of any provision) is found by any court or other authorityof competent jurisdiction to be invalid, illegal or unenforceable, that provisionor part-provision shall, to the extent required, be deemed not to form part ofthe Agreement, and the validity and enforceability of the other provisions ofthe Agreement shall not be affected.

           22.4.       AIP reserves the right toaudio and video record all interactions with you for admissions, qualitycontrol, and risk management purposes.

           22.5.       By submitting yourapplication or making any payment to AIP including but not limited to theDeposit, Program Fee, AIPx fee, or any additional payment, you hereby fullyacknowledge and agree to the latest edition of our Terms & Conditions. If youdisagree to any of the additional or missing clauses from the initial editionthat you have agreed to, you must notify us in writing and seek an agreementwith us prior to making the additional payment.

           22.6.       If a provision of theAgreement (or any part of any provision) is found illegal, invalid orunenforceable, the provision shall apply with the minimum modificationnecessary to make it legal, valid and enforceable or the parties shallnegotiate in good faith to amend such provisions such that, as amended, it islegal, valid and enforceable, and, to the greatest extent possible, achievesthe parties’ original commercial intention.

           22.7.       The Agreement and anydispute or claim arising out of or in connection with it or its subject matteror formation (including no contractual disputes or claims) shall be governed byand construed in accordance with the laws of Singapore.

           22.8.       Each party irrevocablyagrees that the courts of Singapore shall have exclusive jurisdiction to settleany dispute or claim arising out of or in connection with the Agreement or itssubject matter or formation (including non-contractual disputes or claims).


You herebyagree to the terms and conditions as set above. If you are found to be inviolation of any of the clauses listed above, Asia Internship Program reservesthe right to pursue legal proceedings against you.


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