How to fund your internship abroad!

Pursuing an international internship is not just a great opportunity to gain practical experience in your desired industry, but a chance to benefit from international cultural exposure through living in a brand new environment. However, financing a trip abroad can pose some challenges. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t let that be the reason to stop you from pursuing your dreams. There are countless of available resources that are simple and helpful for funding your academic endeavours.

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Scholarships in North America

Go Overseas Study & Intern Abroad Scholarship

The Go Overseas Study Scholarship is a $500 USD study or intern abroad scholarship that requires the completion of an application form, an essay and a creative photo from it's applicants.


Being a need-based funding program, Freeman-Asia determines the benefits of receiving the aid. The Freeman Foundation aims to strengthen the friendship between the United States and countries in East Asia through education.

Jerome Foundation

The Jerome Foundation Travel and Study Grant supports students by striving to provide funding for education abroad. This grant is aimed at emerging artists, some of the eligible disciplines consist of film, video, dance, writing and literature.

Federal Student Aid

This is for those earning university credit for their internship. Applied through the financial aid office at college or university, federal student aid requires essential paperwork such as the FAFSA.

Benjamin A. Gilman

This program offers scholarships to undergraduate students in the US who seek the oppertunity to study or intern abroad, and do not have the financial means to do so on their own.

USINDO travel grant

This program awards up to $2,000 in grants for those looking to intern in Indonesia. This society seeks to enhance the relationship of Indonesia and the US through education.


AIFS offers more than $800,000 each year in financial support to deserving students. Their aim is to provide financial assistance to as many students as possible in support of their goal to study abroad.


For this scholarship, candiadates are chosen based on a creative application. Applicants will be judged on the uniqueness, creativity and personality, and message and appropriateness of the assignment.

Scholarships in Europe

The Global Study Awards

The GSA aims to provide funds to students who are looking to study and intern abroad to fund international diversity in educating students outside of their home countries.

Erasmus Grant

This is a non-profit organization whose motto is; Students Helping Students, by focusing on representing international students through cultural integration and self-development.

Social Network Scholarship

This scholarship does not require a GPA, essay or financial need requirements. The funds must be used for educational expenses and require candidates to fill out an application form and a blog post.

European Funding Guide

The European Funding guide a useful tool when searching for a scholarship or grant to study or intern abroad. Fill in your information to find a scholarship specific to you and your time abroad.


This is a scholarship search engine. IEFA’s aims to promote international education acoss the world. Use this search engine to find the ideal form of funding after filling out information on the IEFA website.

Crowdfunding programs

Scholarship search engines

Other ways to fund your internship

Secure your future

An internship is an investment for your future

One of the most convenient and successful ways of funding your internship abroad, is finding a part-time job and saving up. Also deciding work to fund your internship abroad, you eliminate the gamble of whether or you’ll win a scholarship by not having to compete with thousands of other students for similar awards.

Funding from your University

Universities offer their students grant money that can be used to fund their trip abroad whether it be studies or internships.

In addition, AIP is partnering with many Universities worldwide to provide discounts for their students. To assure yourself whether there are further agreements with your home University in place, just send an email to your career center or international office and they will provide you with all the necessary information.


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