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Taiwan is a fascinating modern country, possessing a unique geographic combination of beautiful beaches, big city life, and mountainous landscapes. An internship in Taiwan will introduce you to the unique Taiwanese history and heritage, a charming culture, and an exquisite cuisine. Despite the country’s small geographic size, Taiwan is a major trader and is one of the world’s top producers of computer technology. A Taiwan internship through AIP will allow you to experience all of the amazing features this country has to offer.

Furthermore, an international internship in Taiwan on your CV will be highly valued by future employers, which will set you apart from other candidates. Going abroad to Taiwan will not only develop your skills and knowledge, but you will also have the opportunity to meet many different industry professionals. An experience of a lifetime is awaiting you in Taiwan.

Pursuing a Taiwan internship to acquire international work experience is a great opportunity for any university students or young professionals. Taiwan has undergone a major economic development in the 1960s to the 1990s and is still rapidly improving in the 21st century. The free media environment in Taiwan has made it extremely competitive, and you will see a wide range of views represented. Major industry fields today include Information Technology, Manufacturing, and Engineering in Taiwan.

AIP maintains a broad network of partner companies, encompassing a wide range of industry fields to offer internships in Taiwan for international students. Whether you want to do an internship during your academic studies or over the summer, we accept applications throughout the whole year for Taiwan internships.

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Internship experience in Taiwan

Internship in Taiwan

Taiwan is a very unique country that has deep influences from Japanese and American cultures but still maintains traditional Chinese roots and heritage. When you arrive in this East Asian destination, you will recognize that Taiwan is very technologically advanced, and its infrastructure is well established. Your lifestyle as an international intern in Taiwan will allow you to experience first-hand what it's like to live and work in this incredible country.

When you have free time outside of your Taiwan internship, we highly suggest you to visit the famous Taipei 101 skyscraper, the stunning Taroko National Park, and the famous shopping district of Ximending (also known as the “Shibuya of Taipei”). Apart from the popular landmarks, you cannot visit Taiwan without experiencing the local cuisine. Taiwanese food has major Chinese and Japanese influences which give you the opportunity to go on a truly exciting culinary adventure.
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Top industries

After twenty long years of unwavering effort and hard work, Taiwan successfully emerged as the world’s leading manufacturer of semiconductors. Its accomplishments on the global stage has welcomed massive inflows of foreign direct investment into the country. This amount is being delegated between three of its top industries: engineering, tourism, and business.

Closely following the rapid advancement of its engineering sector, Taiwan’s fast-expanding business industry has caught the world's attention. Its existing, and innovative, human capital combined with supportive public regulations and free market economy make way for several long-term collaborations with some of the world’s most economically powerful countries, namely China and the USA.

With future plans to single out Biotechnology as a sector and marketize it, Taiwan is racing to advance its domestic inventions to compete with major Asian biotech and life-science destinations like Singapore, Seoul, and Sydney. The Taiwanese government is currently joining forces with private organizations in order to best incorporate its data technology to break into new markets.

To push its national economy even further, Taiwan aims to revolutionize its tourism industry which was previously heavily reliant on Chinese visitors by looking to implement more effective sustainable tourism campaigns. Taiwan is already taking some initiatives by introducing rental electrical vehicles in popular tourist destinations; putting limitations on the numbers of visitors of its natural reserved areas i.e. the Turtle Island; etc., more needs to be done.

For decades, Taiwan has proven time after time that it is more than capable of overcoming any difficulties coming its way. As it ventures into the future, this Asian Tiger is hoping to take a huge leap forward in growing its total GDP while securing its position as a global and highly secured financial and manufacturing destination.

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Taiwan accommodation

  • Furnished accommodation
  • Free Hi-Speed Wifi access
  • Close proximity to the workplace (within 1 hour or less)
  • Accessible by public transport
The photos of the accommodations are just examples and may vary based on location, availability, and time of the year.

Taiwan accommodation

  • Furnished accommodation
  • Free Hi-Speed Wifi access
  • Close proximity to the workplace (within 1 hour or less)
  • Accessible by public transport
The photos of the accommodations are just examples and may vary based on location, availability, and time of the year.

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