Pursuing an international internship is not just a great opportunity to gain practical experience in your desired industry, but a chance to benefit from international and cultural exposure through living abroad. However, financing a trip abroad is not always affordable for everyone. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t let that be a reason to stop you from pursuing your dreams. There are countless of available methods that are simple and helpful for funding your academic endeavors.

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Scholarships are financial awards given to students on the basis of academic achievement and promise. That’s right, free money! Now while most scholarships are awarded based on merit, some scholarships are awarded based on financial need. You might be wondering to yourself at the moment, what makes scholarships a great way to me fund my internship abroad? Simple! Scholarships are awards that cost you nothing to acquire and do not need to be repaid when acquired. If you find the idea of a scholarship appealing, below are a list of the top scholarship search engines we’ve gathered to help you start funding your next internship!

  • Go Overseas: is the best resource for finding scholarships to fund your internship abroad for both American and international students. Go Overseas offers a scholarship that is particularly pertinent to the topic of discussion. With Go Overseas “Study & Intern Abroad Scholarship” program students have a chance to win $ 500 that can be used towards financing their internship abroad. In-order to be considered for the award all you have to do is apply, write a short essay and submit a creative photo. However, interested students should be aware of deadlines and plan accordingly based on when you plan to travel abroad.
  • Scholly: is a scholarship app designed to ease the scholarship process for students. The platform is simple and comprehensive and has helped students win $ 35 million in scholarship awards. The downside of Scholly’s scholarship platform is that it’s limited to U.S. citizens or residents living within the United States. However, if you live in this region of the world check out the app! You don’t want to miss your chance at funding your trip abroad.
  • Fastweb: is another scholarship platform that provides online resources for paying and preparing for college. While these scholarships are not strictly limited to financing your college education, awards can be used for as financing your internship abroad. With Fastweb, students are matched to relevant scholarship opportunities completely free of charge, and it’s easy just apply!





Undergraduate U.S. citizens and residents who require financial assistance to study abroad and intern in East or Southeast Asia. Being a need-based funding program, Freeman-ASIA will determine the benefits of receiving the aid. The Freeman Foundation’s incentives with this program is to strengthen the bond of the friendship between the United States and countries in East Asia though education.

Go Overseas Study & Intern Abroad Scholarship


A $500 USD study or intern abroad scholarship that requires completing the application and an essay with a creative photo. In addition, scholarship winners will also be given an Overseas swag bag and an opportunity to share the time abroad with an audience.

Jerome Foundation Travel & Study Grant Program


The Jerome Foundation Travel and Study Grant supports students by funding travel for study, exploration and growth. Aimed at emerging artists some of the eligible disciplines consist of film, video, dance, writing and literature.

Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship


The Benjamin A. Gilman Program offers awards scholarships to undergraduates studying in the United States who seek to study or intern abroad, and do not have the financial means to do so on their own. The scholarship is envisioned to further prepare students in today’s increasing globalization.

Federal Student Aid


If you are earning credit for your internship, you are eligible to use your federal student loan. Applied though the financial aid office at college or university, federal student aid requires essential paperwork such as the FAFSA.

USINDO travel grant


The United States- Indonesia Society awards up to $2,000 in grants to intern in Indonesia. In addition, academic promotion The United States- Indonesia Society seeks to enhance the relationship of the two countries. Recipients are required to report on activities during the internship in writing after the internship.



Scholarships are based on an assignment provided on the website. In a creative application, applicants will be judged on the uniqueness, creativity and personality, and message and appropriateness to the assignment.



AIFS offers more than $ 800,000 each year in scholarships, grants, and financial support to deserving students.


The Global Study Awards


Specifically founded to fund international diversity in educating students outside of their home countries, The Global Study Awards funds undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Erasmus Grant


The Erasmus Student Network is a non-profit international student organization whose motto is Students Helping Students, by focusing on representing international students through cultural integration and self-development.

Social Network Scholarship


Funded by Got Chosen, the Social Network Scholarship does not require a GPA, essay or financial need requirements. The funds must be use for educational expenses and require an application and a blog post. Share your post with family and friends, and the post with the most votes wins!

European Funding Guide


Get Matched Instantly! Depending on your area of study, where you are from and your classification at university, find a scholarship specific to you and your time abroad.

International Financial Aid and College Scholarship Search


A search engine for scholarships, loans and grants, IEFA’s mission is to promote international education. Find the ideal form of funding after filling out information about yourself for your internship abroad.


Crowdfunding is a technique used to raise money through a combined efforts of friends, family, and any individual who believe in the cause of your campaign.  Crowdfunding is a rapidly growing industry, which creates the problem of an excessive amount of crowdfunding sites entering the market every year. Also with crowdfunding, you’ll find difficulty getting a lump sum of cash at once compared to winning a scholarship award. Instead, crowdfunding allows you to get a little amount from a larger number of people over time. In an attempt to make your search for the right crowdfunding site hassle free, we’ve gathered below the top crowdfunding sites.


GoFundMe a crowdfunding platform that allows people to raise money for a campaign varying from life events such as festivities, graduations, and education expenses to challenging occurrences like disasters, medical bills, and funeral expenses. GoFundMe has raised over $ 160 million in funding, and the site is free to sign-up and promote a campaign.


GoGetFunding is a personal crowdfunding site where you can raise money for anything that is important to you. From personal reasons and events to educational goals, projects and more. The platform is easy to use, with a simple initial setup process and a responsive support system. Compared to all crowdfunding websites that charge a fee, GoGetFunding offers the cheapest.



One of the most convenient and successful ways of funding your internship abroad, is finding a part-time job and saving up. Unlike crowdfunding and scholarship allocating, with a part-time job the salary is guaranteed and consistent. Also deciding work to fund your internship abroad, you eliminate the gamble of whether or you’ll win a scholarship by not having to compete with thousands of other students for similar awards.

Funding From Your University

When considering how to fund your trip abroad, make sure to check out your university’s career center office. Many universities offer their students grant money that can be used to fund their trip abroad whether it be studies or internships. In addition, AIP is partnering with many Universities worldwide to provide discounts for their students. To assure yourself whether there are further agreements with your home University in place, just send an email to your career center or international office and they will provide you with all the necessary information.


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In summary, if you’re planning an internship abroad, having the resources to finance this step in your academic development is crucial. Whether you’re planning to use the means of crowdfunding, scholarships, or a part-time job, make sure to plan ahead, promote your campaign and apply to as many scholarships as you can to increase your chances of winning an award.