At Asia Internship Program, we are dedicated in creating a meaningful internship experience to propel your future career. Browse through our Destination and Internship pages to get an idea of what you’re looking for.

If you’re already sure of which destination and internship you would like to pursue, below we breakdown the entire AIP process so you can get started. To see if you’re eligible for our program, be sure to review the eligibility requirements.

Program Benefits

Our international internship program will enable students and young professionals to apply and expand their professional working knowledge in a real world business environment. An internship creates a unique opportunity for students to explore and kick-start their career paths at an early stage, while simultaneously gaining valuable business connections.


The benefits that Asia Internship Program can provide, will put you in the driver’s seat to advance your future career.

Guaranteed Internship In Field Of Choice

Asia Internship Program strives to provide for our applicants the ideal internship placement company by taking into account their field of choice, specifications, and requirements. With our trusted network of partner companies, we are able to find the perfect company for you, and ensure that you will receive relevant and practical working experience.

Personal Growth & Development

Doing an international internship in Asia is a big step for one’s future career. Whether you’re doing an internship to gain work experience, or to complete your academic studies, AIP is sure to help advance your personal growth and professional development. AIP aims to support you with a meaningful internship in parallel with an unforgettable lifetime experience.

Training In A Professional Environment

Asia Internship Program can ensure that you will receive a professional and meaningful internship experience, considering that our network of partner companies are highly trusted. Moreover, AIP can guarantee that you will be given relevant and challenging tasks, and work alongside industry professionals to expand your skills and knowledge.

Practice Intercultural Communication

While working in an international environment, you will be surrounded by diverse backgrounds of people and cultures. Understanding the working styles of other cultures, as well as how they communicate, will bring you new perspectives. Additionally, during your stay in Asia you have the prime opportunity to learn a new language.

International Work Experience

In today’s competitive job market, participating in an international internship is an ideal route for young professionals to differentiate themselves from their peers. Employers highly value candidates with international working experience because it shows they are much more dynamic. International working experience in Asia will open many doors for your future career.

Professional Networking Opportunities

Asia Internship Program strongly encourages their participants to attend networking events to further enhance their professional contact network. AIP offers access to a minimum of 1 exclusive business networking event per month.

Additionally, AIP organizes their own monthly panel and networking event called #BIG, which we invite our program participants to attend.

Academic Credit

If you require academic credit from participating in an internship through Asia Internship Program, we can provide that by working with your university. Hundreds of past interns with AIP have acquired academic credit upon completion of their internship. Our team can supervise and monitor the student’s internship progress, as well as provide the necessary resources to report back to their university.


Asia Internship Program Requirements

To be accepted into our program, it is essential that you meet the following conditions:

  • You are at least 16 years of age.
  • You are fluent in written and spoken English.
  • You are an open minded individual with an eagerness to explore new cultures.
  • It is not mandatory, however your chances of acceptance are higher if you are currently enrolled in a university.

Visa Assistance

It is very important to be informed that proper visa documentation is mandatory for students to legally intern abroad. Asia Internship Program has years of experience in processing visas in the destinations that we offer, and will provide assistance through the entire visa process. We can confidently assure that you will receive the proper visa documentation to intern in your host country and fully enjoy your experience.

It’s also very important to note that each destination that we offer has different visa protocols. Please refer to our Destination pages below for more details on visa requirements.

You can also apply online and our staff can assist you further regarding visa documentation.

Application Process


Step 1 - Apply

The first part of the process is to fill in the application form on our website:

  • Before filling in the application form, make sure you have a copy of your resume (in PDF/DOC format).
  • Be sure to apply at least 6 weeks prior to your ideal start date or check the AIPx box on the form.
  • Also be sure to read our Terms and Conditions.
  • The application form is your first contact with us so please pay attention that you fill in the right information
  • In the application form you would be required to choose destination, duration and the type of package.

For further information on the types of packages, their benefits and costs, please refer to the program page.

After you submitted your application form, you will receive a confirmation mail. Be sure to check your spam box.

You will be contacted within 3 days by our admissions team.


Step 2 - Meet

After receiving your application, our admissions team will contact you to schedule an informal Skype interview. To ensure efficiency, you can add our Skype account ‘asiainternshipprogramme’.

  • If you need to cancel your scheduled interview for any reason, please let us know in advance.
  • In order to provide you with the best service in creating your internship experience, please be prepared to discuss your resume and expectations regarding your internship.

After your interview, our admissions team will review the information provided and inform you within 3 days if you have been successful.



Step 4 - Enjoy!!

  • Once your position in the hosting company has been accepted, you will be required to pay the rest of our placement fee.
  • Once received, we will start the Visa procedure and provide you with information regarding the accommodation (in case of standard package or signature package) and put you in contact with your supervisor in the hosting company.

It’s time to pack, Enjoy your Internship with Asia Internship Program!


What is Included?


  • Customised internship placement
  • 24/7 emergency assistance
  • Visa assistance
  • CV/Resume Enhancement
  • Certification from your host company
  • Networking Events (Thailand Only)


  • Placement Package Features
  • Furnished Accomodation
  • Airport pick-up at arrival
  • Preloaded Transportation card
  • Domestic SIM Card
  • Pick-up and drop-off from your apartment to your workplace on your first day
  • Language & Culture Course (Thailand Only)


  • Standard Package Features
  • Deluxe Accomodation
  • Gym Pass (Guava pass or Similar)
  • Monthly Trip to Explore the Country
  • Language Classes
  • Exclusive Networking Events


About Asia Internship Program Service

How long does the process take?

Arranging your ideal internship position and all necessary visa documents will take up to 8 weeks. You can have a look at how it works to gain an overview of the processes involved.

Should you be in a hurry to start your internship, AIPx might be a suitable option for you. Via AIPx, we will have an interview confirmed for you within 11 working days only.

What are the requirements to join the program?

AIP is able to arrange your ideal internship position independently from your university degree or prior working experience.
The basic criteria to be accepted into our program can be described as follows:

  • Good command in both, written and spoken English.
  • Open-mindedness and motivation to pursue an international career.
  • Convincing application documents.
How much is the deposit?

The deposit for all our packages is $390 USD.

Is there a refund policy?

Yes. AIP guarantees to arrange your ideal internship position in Asia for you. As such, we will refund your deposit completely should we fail to arrange your internship according to your requirements. It will also be refunded should we fail to arrange your internship in the appropriate timeline.

For further information, please refer to our Terms & Conditions.

How much are the program fees and what kind of packages do you provide?

We offer Placement, Standard and Signature packages. The fees depend on the package, the duration of the internship and the destination. All the information about our packages can be found under the Packages & Fees tab.

Which package is the most suitable for me?

This mostly depends on your character and personal preference.

The placement package is most suitable for rather independent candidates who have already been in their destination of choice.

The standard package on the other hand is our carefree package which also provides you with accommodation and various other services besides the internship placement, as airport transfer, trips, language courses, networking events and more.

If you want to fully immerse into culture and country, the signature package will be most suitable for you since it also includes weekend trips across the country and cultural events such as cooking classes.

Generally, we recommend our candidates the standard package as it provides a comprehensive amount of services at a very competitive price. This will allow you to focus on your internship while enjoying a safe and carefree experience.

Please note that some packages are only available in specific destinations.

When do I have to pay the remaining program fee?

Your final payment is due once your internship position is confirmed.

Are there any discounts or scholarships available?

While the benefits of an international internship are of tremendous value, particularly students might need some support to fund themselves abroad. As such, AIP provides several solutions to fund your trip:

Candidates can benefit from AIP’s buddy program. By mentioning your friend’s name in the application form and enrolling in the program together, you will be entitled to a 10% discount on your package fee where your friend will also receive a 5% discount on his/her package fee.

Moreover, we have agreements with many leading universities in place that subsidize our program or we provide discounts for. To find out whether your institution is also partnering with us, feel free send an email to your international studies or career center and a representative should assist you accordingly.

Lastly, many students are eligible for scholarships or student aids. Please have a look at our Funding pageand this article to evaluate your options.

I am actually looking for a full-time position. Can AIP help me with that as well?

Unfortunately, we do not provide full-time placements. However, our thorough matching services between companies and candidates proved to lead to great results in the past.

As such, more than 70% of our interns received an offer to stay with the company after completion of their internship or received other job opportunities in the country during/after their internships.

While we can’t guarantee a full-time job in advance, our internships will definitely provide you with a strong foundation to convince potential employers and kick-start your international career in Asia.

About The Internship We Provide

Will the internship be paid?

This will mostly depend on your previous experience, the position you are looking for and the destination.

In many Asian countries, it is not so common to get a paid internship due to the labor regulations..

As such, we will NOT be able to guarantee you a paid internship.

However, you can be assured that we will try our best to negotiate with the companies on your behalf to ensure that you will receive the best benefits possible.

In which fields do you provide internships?

AIP is proud to be collaborating with over 450 partner companies representing all major industries. As such, we are very flexible in arranging your ideal internship according to your requirements and career goals.

Can I see a list of companies that I can be interning at?

Unfortunately we will not be able to provide you with the list of our partner companies. The main reason is that it will provide you with false expectations of where you will be interning.

The final decision is dependent on our partners whether to offer an internship in their companies. Although we can influence them to certain extent, there are too many factors that are out of our control.

Nonetheless, we still hold true to our promise of securing a meaningful internship according to your expectations.

What happens if I am rejected after an interview or I am not happy with the position?

AIP guarantees to arrange your ideal internship position for you, so no need to worry. We will provide you with interviews until you are accepted and the position offered suits your preferences given that you have tried your best and agrees to fully cooperate with your AIP representative. For further clarification, please have a look at section 3. (c) of our Terms & Conditions.

What about the VISA process?

The visa process varies for each destination and will also be different depending on factors such as your nationality, age and status of education. However, no matter which package you choose, AIP will assist you in applying for the correct visa and provide you with all necessary documents to ensure a seamless application process.

Should you have concerns regarding the visa processes for your destination of choice, please feel free to state them during your interview and your interviewer will provide you with initial advice. Besides that, AIP will also confirm your eligibility for the visa in your preferred destination when accepting you into the program.

Will I have a supervisor at my company?

Yes, all of our partner companies provide a designated supervisor to make sure you gain the best possible learning experience.

My university requires certain documents to acknowledge the internship. Can AIP help me with that?

Sure, we are familiar with the regulations of universities and our partner companies are also aware of potential processes involved. As such, we will work closely together with you and your university to make sure that your internship will satisfy both of your requirements.

About Your Time In Your Chosen Destinations

How does the accommodation look like?

You will live in a private apartment of around 25/30 square meters which is fully furnished. Moreover, it will be located close to public transportation with a short travel distance to your working place whereby we will also cover water and electricity bills for you. Further facilities will depend on the destination and location of your host company, for example some accommodation will also be equipped with a pool and/or a gym.

Will I get to know other interns from the program?

Yes, we will make sure that you are connected with our other interns in your internship destination as well. AIP interns come from all over the world (over 60 nationalities and counting!), so this will be a great opportunity for you to make international friends and build a global network of people from various background.

Are there any events organized by AIP?

Yes, depending on the period and the destination of your internship, we also have occasional dinners and networking events that you will be invited to join. These events are both social and/or educational.

What happens if I have a problem with the host company or a hard time adjusting to the new environment?

Whichever package you choose, we always offer the 24/7 emergency line. This means that you can call night and day to our office and we will assist you.

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