Are you looking for recruiting interns? Then we are your solution.

In the past 3 years we have placed hundreds of interns in first-class multinationals, startups and NGOs in all of our six destinations. The interns that we place are highly ranked students from universities all over the world that are willing to work hard and want to get experience during their internship abroad.

At AIP we are committed to create an experience for the intern and the company that will be mutually beneficial and valuable, so that both parties can grow from the experience. As our partner you will be taking in interns and will not have to worry about the hassle around it, we take care of the visa, airport pickup, and a introduction to Thailand.

Whenever we have an intern that matches your company profile, we will get in touch with you and provided you with additional information about the intern. We have conducted an initial interview with the intern where we learned more about his objectives and goals during the internship. We will set up an interview with you and the intern to check if the intern meets the requirements of the company. If so, congratulations with the newest member of your company!

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