Are you looking for the right interns for your business or organization?

Then, AIP is your ultimate solution.

Recruit Top Interns

AIP strictly recruits highly-ranked students from top universities across the globe, who perform outstanding academic records and extracurricular activities, and are eager to gain the first-hand experience on an international scale during their internship abroad.


We conduct an initial interview with the intern, where we learn more about their goals and objectives of pursuing an internship. Whenever we have a candidate that matches your company profile and qualifications, we will contact you and provide you with additional information. You are able to set an actual interview with the intern and select the candidate that is the right fit for your organization.

First Class Guarantee

Within a short span, AIP has been placing hundreds of interns in first-class multinational companies, startups and NGOs in all of our nine destinations: Thailand, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Hong Kong, China, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Vietnam across all industry sectors. In each program destination, AIP has extensive networks in business, NGOs, and the government.

Why AIP?

At AIP, we are committed to creating the most prestigious experience, which will be mutually beneficial and valuable for both interns and host companies. As a partner with AIP, you will be receiving motivated interns and will not have to worry about the hassle around the logistics. AIP organizes all the logistic aspects including intern’s visa documentation, accommodation, and airport pickup, as well as making sure that the interns are prepared through our comprehensive orientation.

How to Partner with Us

  • Sign Up

    Please begin your process of hiring the top intern with us by completing the application form below. Our member of the applicable country will contact you shortly right after that for further discussion to suit your needs

  • Select the Candidates

    We will match you with our first-class intern that match your company profile and requirements. You have full autonomy in the selection process

  • Welcome your newest member

    We only hope you and our intern are vigorously benefiting, gain pleasant, and major experience during the internship period

5 Reasons to partner with us

Free of charge

The whole process of our service is free of charge. Our partner companies are not required to pay any fee. All we ask from you is to enjoy our services


AIP gives full autonomy to you on the selection process. We provide interns on an all-year-round basis and run our service accordingly to your needs and requirements


You do not need to concern on the logistics. With our service, we take care of every aspects of their external needs to complete their journey with your company

Equity enhancement

Having a worldwide network of interns does not only add more equity to your company global outlook, but fresh ideas and varying perspectives that will tremendously benefit your company in this globalization era

Employee opportunity

Joining us widen more opportunity for you to set a database of young talented candidates from all over the globe for your future hiring. It is a good idea to make a full-time hiring decision from the interns to reduce the risks of hiring the wrong person



Our Track Record

  • We placed hundreds of applicants each year, with a 9.6/10 program rating via GoAbroad.


  • We maintain an extensive network of 450+ partner companies including multinational corporations, charitable NGO’s, and fast growing SME’s

  • We are partnered with top academic institutions across the globe including:

    • National University of Singapore (#1 ranked university in Asia)
    • University of Hull (UK’s top university for graduate employability)
    • IPE Management School (Premier business school in France)
    • Fachhochschule der Wirtschaft (One of the first private universities in Germany)
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