Tips for Nailing Your Internship Interview

  • By Xavier Cloitre
  • on 25 Apr 2019

An internship will be one of the most important things you do in your college career.

It will also shape you as a worker when the time comes to apply for jobs in the real world.

The internships you choose to do and the length you do them for will bring you many learning opportunities and will help you gain the experience you will need to work in your field.

By getting some real-world experience, you will seem more reliable to employers when you go to get a job.

Some internships may be a good connection to make and can go beyond just beefing up your resume.

Eventually, who you shake hands with will matter more than whatever degree you earn.

After scouring the internet for internship openings, writing many cover letters, and creating the perfect resume, you will hopefully hear from someone soon.

Now comes the best part.

After landing an interview, you will want to showcase your abilities and market yourself as the perfect intern for your potential employer:

tips job interview

Bring hard copies to your interview

It's always a great idea to bring a copy or two of your resume in case your interviewer does not have it on hand.

Most of the time, your resume will be viewed and displayed online.

However,  it's always good to have hard copies handy in case they are needed.

Dress to impress

You want to make a good impression, and you want the interviewer to remember you as being professional.

Come prepared, dress appropriately, and look sharp.

Consider the culture of the company; even if they are more laid-back, make sure you are at least dressed modestly in a clean, wrinkle-free outfit.

Anticipate and prepare

Think about any questions that will most likely be asked and prepare your answers mentally to nail your job interview.

Think about all the questions that an employer might ask, generally, and consider how you would answer them.

Preparing for these potential questions will help you look more professional when you don't have to think too much before giving them your response.

Also, doing a little research on the company beforehand might be a good idea in order to make sure that you can use that research in your answers as well.

If the employer sees that you did your research, they might be a little bit more impressed.

Don't forget basic etiquette

It can be easy to forget your manners.

However,  during a job interview, this is a time when you do not want to do that.

Avoid filler words like "umm" or "like," don't chew gum, sit up straight, and use correct eye contact.

Don't be late

You actually want to try to arrive at your interview about 10 minutes earlier, if possible.

Not only will this show that you're punctual, but that you care about the interview.

You do not want to arrive too early, as that might seem a bit too desperate.

Just make sure that you have phone numbers on hand in the case that you get stuck in traffic or whatnot.

Your time to shine

Sure, it's important to sell yourself in an interview, but you want to make sure that you can keep those promises when it comes to really work in the company.

You want to make sure you aren't just putting up an act to get through the door.

Be yourself, be honest, and be realistic.


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