NGO Internship In Thailand

  • By Daniele Cosentino
  • on 04 Dec 2018

Did you know that NGO jobs in Thailand are one of the most popular work opportunities available for expats?

Home to many NGO organizations, most of which are in the capital city of Bangkok and the city of Chiang Mai in northern Thailand, the country is at the forefront of developmental work in different spheres within the Asian region.

An NGO internship in Thailand would be a good way to get involved in social projects that have far-reaching impact.

NGO internship Thailand is a smart choice for anyone who is serious about doing volunteer work, either just for the summer or for making a career out of it.

Some of the important areas in which NGOs in Thailand actively work in include animal rescue and care, help for underprivileged children from poor or broken families, assistance in rehabilitation and welfare of children who have suffered from a violation of their human rights, public health care, youth and women development, community education, culture protection, help for the disabled, environment protection, human rights protection, medical support, refugee help, etc.

There are many causes for you to choose from for your NGO internship in Thailand. As long as you bring along your spirit and passion to help, you'll find success and peace of mind in any cause that you champion.

What To Expect From NGO Internship In Thailand

ngo internship in thailand Interning at an NGO abroad seems like an exciting opportunity to many youngsters, and it rightly is.

But many of them go into the internships with such exalted expectations that they find it difficult to adjust with the grounding reality of internships at NGOs.

Like other fields, working in the NGO field also demands of you to start from the grassroots level and progressively move up.

While at some NGOs you may get the opportunity to jump into the fieldwork, at other NGOs your help may be required with basic administrative tasks such as editing and proofreading content for publishing, updating social media profiles, creating presentations and designs, computer work, etc., depending on your skill proficiency.

What you should know is that even when you're not directly involved in a project and working on the field, you are still contributing to its success in your own way.

Keep your work expectations for NGO internships in Thailand real and be flexible to accommodate according to what the NGO needs of you.

ngo internship in thailand Another thing to understand about interning at an NGO is that it's advisable to be equipped with at least some sort of technical skill for the internship.

You may have a degree in subjects like arts, political science, social work, humanities or history, but having knowledge of technical subjects like finance and engineering will give you an edge over other people competing for the internship.

This is so because NGOs function very much like corporate organizations, with specific departments for public relations, marketing, accounting, etc. The growth of the NGO very much depends on how its constituent departments work.

Being technically qualified, you'll have clearly defined skills to contribute to the NGO. Plus a technical degree will help you find your footing and position more easily within the NGO.

Landing your desired NGO internship in Thailand will become a lot easier when you have a credible skill profile to showcase.

Lastly, don't go into your Thailand internship thinking that you'll dramatically change the world by the time you're done with it!

Throughout your internship in Thailand, you will encounter real-world problems with no feasible solutions and ground-level challenges that remain insurmountable.

If you're planning a career in the NGO field, then you should understand that you may not always get the expected results.

Thailand internship will prepare you for this crucial aspect of NGO work, how to remain unconditionally committed to your cause and efforts without worrying about the outcomes.

Because even though you may not change the world entirely with your NGO internship in Thailand, you will definitely leave it a little better and more cheerful than earlier.

Being always hopeful and optimistic, no matter what the circumstances are, may turn out to be the biggest gifts that you end up gleaning from the NGO internship in Thailand.

5 Fun Facts About Thailand's Culture and Etiquette

ngo internship in thailand Working at an NGO in Thailand will require you to closely assimilate yourself into the customs, culture, and practices of Thai people.

This type of integration is important for you to gain a deeper insight into the problems that they face and the solutions that will work for them. Here's a glimpse into the general Thai culture and traditions:

  1. Since the majority of the population practices Buddhism, you should know a thing or two about the religion's beliefs. One of which is that the head is considered the most sacred part of the body. Refrain from touching people's heads, even if the people in question are children whom you just want to affectionately pat on the head, for it will be perceived as offensive. If you really have to, ask for permission first!
  2. Avoid losing your temper in Thailand. Loud and aggressive behavior is not welcome here. Politeness and courtesy are the norms of appropriate conduct. So be on the best of your behavior during Thailand internship, abstaining from any forms of aggressive behavior like shouting and arguing.
  3. Thailand is a constitutional monarchy, where the King and the royal family are highly revered by the population. Don't pass any unwanted and insulting comments about them. Be respectful which, for instance, includes standing up whenever the King's anthem is being played.
  4. Visiting a temple or someone's home? Remove shoes before entering. This is true for most of the Asian cultures. Even some restaurants and shops may also require you to remove shoes at the entrance. It would be respectful of you to oblige with the same.
  5. The "wai" is the common form of greeting in Thailand. It involves holding the palms together in a prayer like gesture and bowing the head slightly. You can use this greeting as a hello, bye or thank you. If someone greets you with a "wai", the polite way to respond would be to greet them in the same way, with a "wai".
A NGO internship in Thailand is an amazing opportunity to not only gain experience in this sector, but also to go on the adventure of a lifetime.


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