Logistics & Supply Chain Internship In Thailand

  • By Daniele Cosentino
  • on 04 Dec 2018

Graduate students in supply chain and logistics are already aware of the challenging and fast-paced working style of this field.

If you're feeling a little more adventurous and would like to up the challenge a bit, then go for a supply chain internship in Thailand during your summer break.

What you learn inside the classroom is only half the story. Without an internship work experience, your learning remains incomplete and so does your resume.

Your degree in supply chain and logistics needs the backing of a strong and competitive internship program.

There is no better way than logistics internship in Thailand to cultivate the practical approach and real-world skills requisite for the industry.

Supply Chain & Logistics Industry In Thailand

supply chain internship in thailand Given the global nature of supply chain industry, it makes sense to do an international internship program like supply chain internship in Thailand which offers a comprehensive overview of the booming Asian market.

Here is a brief fact file on Thailand's supply chain and logistics industry and the important place that it occupies in the world economy:

  1. Thailand is a key ASEAN hub for manufacturing, transport, logistics and supply chain. The country excels in the areas of manufacturing and exports. The production of automotive, electronic parts and accessories, and electrical appliances are some of the major manufacturing sectors in Thailand. In fact, as far as in 2016, Thailand is the 13th biggest automotive manufacturer of the world. Exports from an integral part of the country's GDP. Manufacturing sector contributes nearly 80% to the total export activities of Thailand.
  2. Because of its powerful manufacturing capabilities, Thailand acts as a major supplier for the region's product demands. This has allowed Thailand to finesse its supply chain functions like sourcing and distribution for the ASEAN countries. The thriving nature of supply chain and logistics in Thailand has attracted investments from several foreign logistics companies as well. Consistently improving transport infrastructure and customs efficiency have furthermore helped the industry development. Supply chain internship in Thailand would mean working in one of the leading supply chain hubs of Asia and the world.
  3. For multi-national logistics companies that want to foray into the ASEAN market to serve their local clientele more optimally, Thailand is one of the top choices to set up the operational base. The country is strategically located in the center of Southeast Asia, making it a part of the development of major economic corridors in the region.
  4. Thailand boasts of a sophisticated transport structure to support its logistics operations. From excellent road and highway networks, international airports to seaports, Thailand is well-equipped to handle domestic as well as international shipping. Logistics internship in Thailand would expose you to the different facets of major transport activities.
  5. With growing consumer demands in the region, the supply chain and logistics opportunities in Thailand will continue to be in abundance in the future. Courtesy of the growing industrial development and regional trade activities, Thailand's logistics industry is on its way to the pinnacle. By doing logistics internship in Thailand, you can become a part of this ride!

Work Life Of A Supply Chain & Logistics Intern In Thailand

supply chain internship in thailand Here is the kind of exciting work that you can expect to do during your supply chain internship in Thailand:

  • Help with global supply purchasing by working in the sub-areas of sourcing, making, receiving and analyzing quotations, participating in negotiations, managing suppliers at every stage, and so on.
  • Understand and carry out the work in accordance with the legislation and regulations defined for exports, imports and customs.
  • Closely analyze the company’s supply chain operations and identify areas where streamlining in the form of automation is possible. You could play a role from the conception to the implementation of such an automation strategy.
  • The logistics internship Thailand will involve you in activities like materials handling, fleet and transportation management, packaging, inventory planning and management, order delivery and completion, etc.
  • Offer assistance to the operations management team in their regular activities like warehouse management, tracking and supervising product delivery, conducting regular audits and monitoring the team's progress towards set objectives.
This is a broad overview of the work responsibilities of supply chain internship in Thailand.

Rest assured, you'll get an ample amount of opportunities to put your degree in supply chain and logistics to good practical use.

Sign up for this Thailand internship to grasp the full scope of what you've studied so far.

Have Fun During Your Supply Chain Internship In Thailand

Don't let a logistics internship in Thailand be just about the work. You'll be in one of the hottest travel destinations in the world!

Make your time count by exploring the bounty of nature and culture that Thailand offers.

Here are some ideas for what you can do for fun during your internship in Thailand:

Create Memories with Elephants!

Elephants are iconic figures in Thailand's culture. The Thai elephant is the official national animal of the country.

Hence, an elephant experience is definitely warranted! Visit an elephant rescue and rehabilitation camp to spend some quality time with these friendly giants.

Bathe them, feed them and swim and walk with them. Avoid going to places where elephants are mistreated in the name of entertaining tourists.

Go Island Hopping

supply chain internship in thailand You'll never get tired of exploring the picturesque coastline of Thailand.

Set out on an expedition of beaches and islands, and lose yourself in their scenic beauty.

There are many water sports and adventure activities too like snorkeling and kayaking that you can engage in.

Hit The Streets For Food

supply chain internship in thailand Fine dining is great, but Thai street food is in a class of its own.

Visit the streets to get a taste of the delectable Thai cuisine.

And while you're at it, you can even try eating some insect delicacies featuring locusts and grasshoppers!

Relax At A Spa

Rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul by getting the traditional and authentic Thai massage at one of the spa centers.

Want to give special attention to your feet? Try the fish spa.

Enjoy Hiking and Trekking

Lush rainforest and majestic mountains in Thailand present the perfect stage for taking a hike.

There are many hiking trails for you to explore here.

Meeting the remote hill tribes during your treks would be one of the memorable things of the journey.


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