Guide to Easily Juggle School Work and Internship

  • By Xavier Cloitre
  • on 30 Sep 2019
  • Categories : Health & Fitness

Balancing school and work can be a struggle. Students must find time for school and social activities. The task gets tougher if the student is also working to pay for school. It gets overwhelming when an internship is thrown into the mix. That is a responsibility they can’t turn their backs on because it is a requirement for graduation.

While there are no exact rules as far as balancing duties is concerned, the first step to managing time is to be organized. This doesn’t mean that you have to turn into an obsessive-compulsive individual that combines related tasks under a certain code. Rather, it is about gathering everything that’s needed to attain success.

Making a to-do list can help put projects in order. Lay them out on a monthly calendar and cross out the task if you are done with it. If you’re not into writing, online calendars are just as good in plotting everything you need to accomplish.

Allot time and stick with it

Determine the time you will need to finish your projects. Be honest with the hours you’ll devote to that task so that you can see where you can squeeze in other activities. Give yourself a break at times because working too hard can have repercussions. You won’t feel like running out of time if you stick to your schedule.

Plot your goals weekly

First, write down everything that you need to do on a separate sheet of paper. Next, determine which day of the week you are going to work on every task. Place the most important tasks towards the First, write down everything that you need to do on a separate sheet of paper. Next, determine which day of the week you are going to work on every task. Place the most important tasks towards the start of the week to ensure that you will produce the best output possible. Getting used to this process allows you to plan for bigger goals down the line.

Know your priorities

The internship supervisor will understand that school is your foremost priority. However, you have to inform them beforehand about the major requirements that you need to submit. Tell them at least a week in advance that you are finishing a major research paper. Also, inform them if you need to focus on reviewing for the final examination. Keep the lines of communication open because it is important for them as well that you will do good in school.

Make your opportunity count

You have been essentially hired because they expect you to work. Therefore, make the opportunity count. Contribute in your own way to the company’s improvement and establish good working relationships. They got you because you are a vital part of the team.

Have fun at your internship

You’re allowed to have fun at your internship as long as it doesn’t compromise your deliverables. Build connections with the people in the office and be a source of positive energy. Take your lunch with your co-workers and participate in light conversations. You can also go out with them if you don’t have any work or school requirements to fulfill.

You will get things done

It may seem overwhelming at first, but you will get used to the balance that enables you to do many things. After all, every individual is given the same amount of time to spend every day. Making the most of it is up to you. Keep in mind that the internship and schoolwork are important aspects of your life. But in everything you do, you must not give anything less than your best. Give it your all and reap the rewards in due time. If you are looking for an internship, connect with our Asia Internship Program now. Our international internship programs help top candidates improve their skills, knowledge, and employability.


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