Finance Internship in Indonesia

  • By Iyarat Karod
  • on 24 May 2019

Getting that first job in the finance industry is tough, even with a good degree to your credit.

The industry seeks professionals who are not only well-versed in the theory side of the things, but also in the practical side of the things.

This is why it’s such a good idea to do an international finance internship in Indonesia over the summer break before your graduation.

After doing this internship, you wouldn’t have to worry so much about landing a job in the finance sector.

There’s a chance that you might receive an offer of full-time job position from the company where you have done your international finance internship in Indonesia.

But even if you don’t receive a job offer from your host company, that’s no problem at all because you would still have the internship experience to make the job search process easier.

Combine the international Indonesia internship experience with the tips below, and you will have your first finance job in no time.

Get Focused On the Kind of Finance Job You Want

You will get a lot of clarity on what kind of finance job you’d love doing, after finishing your international finance internship Indonesia.

Having this clarity is essential in a job search.

When you’re looking for a job, you want to focus on the job positions that cater to your expectations.

If you know for sure what type of job role you’d like in the finance industry, then you’d be able to carry out your job search accordingly.

So, use the clarity that you’ve received from your international internship in Indonesia to determine the finance job that you’d like to have.

Connect With People You Know From Your Internship

If you networked well during your international finance internship in Indonesia, then you would have a good group of contacts to consult when looking for your first job.

Get in touch with the contacts you developed during the internship and let them know that you’re getting ready to enter the finance job market.

Request them to inform you about any good job opportunity in their knowledge.

It’s likely that your contacts are well connected in the finance industry, and therefore may know of an opportunity or two.

Beginning your job search by reaching out to people who are well-aware of your capabilities is a great way to find a job you deserve.

Spend Time and Effort on Brushing Up Your Resume

The more you can perfect your resume, the better.

So, go over your resume a couple of times and see what can be improved.

You have done an international finance internship in Indonesia, so you do have an exciting experience to talk about in your resume, not to mention one-of-a-kind experience too.

Give a brief introduction of the internship and mention what industry skills and knowledge you gained from the internship.

Keep it concise, mainly conveying how the internship has helped you grow professionally in the finance field.

In addition to talking about the international Indonesia internship, keep sufficient room for talking about your other academic and extracurricular achievements too.

Look for Good Companies In The Industry

Whatever location you’re looking for your first job in, whether in your hometown or somewhere else, look for good finance firms in that location.

While these firms may not have any job openings currently, things might change in the future.

One of these firms may have vacancy for a job position that you’d be perfect for.

In that case, you’d want to know about the opportunity, so that you can grab it in time.

So, do keep track of the open job positions at the finance firms that interest you.

Keep Learning New Things Even During Job Search

The tremendous knowledge you’ve acquired from your academic program and the excellent hands-on working experience you’ve obtained from your international finance internship in Indonesia,

together create a strong professional foundation for you.

What you need to do next is keep building upon this established foundation.

Don’t put brakes on your learning process even when you’re looking for a job.

Continue to increase your knowledge and skills in the finance industry.

This way you will be able to keep updating and improving your resume too, making yourself a more qualified candidate with each update.

Give Each Of Your Interviews Your Very Best

Cracking the interview is the final step in getting the job, so you should do your very best to clear this step.

How you dress, how you organize and present your documents, how you talk, how much you know about the company you’re interviewing for, are all important things that will help you in making an impression on the interviewer.

So, prepare well for the interview keeping all these things in mind.

Don’t forget to talk about your international finance internship Indonesia experience.

This internship has had a major role in grooming you personally and professionally, and therefore, is a significant experience of your life.

This makes it worth talking about.

One interesting topic related to the international Indonesia internship that you should definitely be talking about in the interviews is the finance industry in Indonesia.

Not every candidate would have extensive know-how on this topic, so you talking about it in such depth can really impress the interviewer.

Tell the interviewer about how the finance sector of the country has become so developed over the years and how the sector is enabling economic development for the country.

You could talk about the three main constituents of Indonesia’s finance industry, banking sector, non-bank financial sector, and capital market.

To put it simply, you just have to talk about whatever observations you were able to draw about the finance industry of Indonesia during your internship.

Internship in Finance

Internship in Indonesia


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