Asia Internship Program connects organizations based in Asia and young talented professionals looking for an internship. Essentially, AIP opens the door to new horizons and offers interns a chance to become a professional in the Asian world.

With the rapid economic development in Asia, an increasing number of companies are expanding. Upon this expansion, companies are in need of an expanded work force. An internship with AIP allows both interns and firms to get to know each other and decide whether this line of work or this type of employee is suited for the business.

Why AIP?

Why Choose Asia Internship Program?

Asia Internship Program provides customized international internship placements in Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia, and Japan.

Every facet of our internship program is customizable and tailored to your specifications and career goals, so you receive an experience that is completely unique.

Our programs are highly focused on experiential learning through international internships, which will help you acquire professional development and cultural immersion.

Asia Internship Program is a leading social enterprise that takes top candidates, and significantly improves their knowledge, skills, and employability with our international internship programs. The AIP team greatly recognizes the importance of professional experience internationally, in today’s society and job market. We are the leading internship placement provider in Asia, and one of the fastest growing organizations in the international education industry.

We strive to develop today’s new and innovative generation, so that they are prepared to discover and achieve original methods of conquering future global issues. We believe that the ideal route for students to develop personally and professionally is through international working experiences. By doing this, they will be challenged to apply their current skills in different situations, which will further advance them in their careers. AIP values passionate, visionary, and ambitious individuals, of which whom have acquired high quality academic knowledge.

Asia Internship Program works and is partnered with global companies, rapidly growing startups, and dynamic NGOs in our program destinations. From the time of our founding in 2013, we have witnessed tremendous growth and foresee a bright future ahead. Furthermore, having recognized the educational value and imminent career development that AIP can provide, top universities from across the globe have partnered with us to help support their students.


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Our Vision

AIP's Vision

Asia Internship Program was established in December 2013 and has shown tremendous growth in such as short time span. We originally began as an internship matching provider between students and companies. This has since evolved into creating meaningful internship experiences that is unique to our applicants skill set, expectations, and requirements. Since our inception, we have placed over 600 candidates in hundreds of companies across Asia, and that number is steadily growing.

The AIP team is dedicated in providing high quality service, and that begins with our adherence to the T.E.A. values. Considering ourselves as a Transparent company, we conduct ourselves with openness and candour in every aspect of our process. At AIP we encourage feedback from all directions to achieve open communication and foster collaboration. Efficiency is what AIP strives for. We always ensure that messages are responded to within 24-48 hours, and seek to inform students and partners in an open and timely manner. We strongly believe in accepting Accountability by being responsible for our own actions. We make sure that our interns and partner companies are assigned an AIP point of contact to foster working relationships.

Promoting personal development in the upcoming generations is our mission. We aim to support students in their self-improvement and growth. We seek to help students prepare for wherever their future takes them and to achieve their developmental goals.

We seek to be a bridge between Asia and the world to promote cultural exchange. The value of a multicultural experience is invaluable to flourish in the globalised world we live in today. Exposing yourself to total immersion in a foreign country develops cultural understanding and sensitivity that can not be accomplished in a classroom.

Whether you join the AIP community through as an applicant, alumni, parent, partner or team member, we share our vision with you in hopes you will join us in our journey.

Ken Jayaphorn

Managing Director

The Team

Simon Osborne

Simon Osborne

Group Managing Director
Marcel Weder

Marcel Weder

Head of Strategy and Innovation
Ken Jayaporn

Ken Jayaphorn

Operations Director
Fabian Hoehr

Fabian Hoehr

Head of Business Development
Daniele Cosentino Asia Internship Program

Daniele Cosentino

Head of Marketing
Felix Mohr

Felix Mohr

Business Development Manager

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