Are you looking for an meaningful internship for your students? Than stop here and contact us.


Since the foundation of Asia Internship Program we have created hundreds of internships in different kind of companies. Varying from big multinationals to startups and Non-Governmental Organizations. We have 6 destinations in Southeast Asia about which you can find more information in the destinations page.

The internships we offer are of high quality. We can secure this for your student because before a company comes to an agreement with us, we scan the company for suitability for your student. First of all, we have an initial personal Skype meeting with the student to get a better understanding of the demands of the student. Then we start looking for a suitable company.  

Asia Internship Program will cover the whole service from arranging a meaningful internship to the visa regulations and finding accommodation. If you engage with our service you can be sure the internship ads value to the education of your student. It will be the perfect opportunity for your student to apply his theory learned in the practical field and start his professional career.

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