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Hospitality Internship In Thailand

hospitality internship in thailand

A quick glance over the lists of most-visited tourist destinations will tell you that Thailand usually occupies the top ranks. It is a country where people ranging from middle class to higher class, all can find something exceptional to do within their budget. In 2016 alone, Thailand attracted more than 32 million international tourists. History,…

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Engineering Internship In Singapore

engineering internship in Singapore

Whether you’re an engineering student or a fresh engineering graduate, having relevant work experience in your engineering field is very important for furthering your career. In today’s time, when more and more students are opting for engineering courses, don’t be surprised with the stiff competition that you would be facing when trying to land a…

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12 Tips: How To Make Friends During Your Internship Abroad

how to make friends abroad

One of the biggest quarrels that some people have about living, working, studying, or interning abroad is that they won’t know anyone. This is a very common concern which you can overcome by just being more proactive. If you’re planning on doing an international internship or currently looking to make friends overseas, then you’ve come…

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5 Reasons Why Work Experience is Important

5 reasons why

Getting work experience is an important part of starting your career as a young adult. The earlier you start acquiring experience for your resume, the better. It sounds difficult and it will require work, but you can start even while you are still a student! Work experience is not just limited to time spent as…

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What You Should Know For Your Summer Internship In Asia


The winter season has come to an end and Spring has now arrived. I’m sure you’re excited that the weather is warming up and you can finally breakout your t-shirts and khaki shorts. You’re also probably very enthusiastic that it’s halfway through the academic semester, and summer break will be here very soon. Now is the…

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Internships Can Make You An Asset

Internship Asset

I asked several people completing their university studies on their opinion regarding internships and it seemed to be the consensus that it was just something you did to put on your CV or resume. However, is a good-looking resume the only reason you should become an intern? There is more to it than that. The…

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