Letter to Parents

Dear Parents,

You are probably on our platform right now because your child is either thinking about interning abroad or has already decided to do so. This is a cause to celebrate! Your child is soon set to join an elite group of future leaders in the world. By making this decision, your child is making an important statement about her commitment to prepare herself to be an engaged global citizen in an increasingly internationalized society. She will mature exceedingly and gain valuable insights as a result of her choice. Additionally, she is differentiating her resume in a critical way from the competition in a hyper-competitive job market in the international economy.

Like no other academic gain in university, international internships hold the opportunity to transform hearts and minds. The desire to intern abroad is a desire to grow intellectually and practically, a desire to challenge norms and prejudiced ideas, a desire to immerse in the diversity of human culture. Our vision at Asia Internship Program describes our highest purpose as “advancing student development.” We craft customized internships in order to accomplish this most noble of goals. That is why Asia Internship Program is so committed to encouraging students to intern overseas.

Of course, you want to know what this journey entails. Is she going to be safe? Will she receive academic credit for the internship? What does she have to do? Browse through this website which will answer questions you may have. If you have further queries, kindly email info@internsinasia.com. The entire team here exists to provide guidance to students and their families in their efforts to participate in this innovative occasion.

Warm Regards,
Ken Jayaphorn
Operations Director

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