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Our Track Record

Asia Internship Program is the first fully integrated internship creator in Asia, focusing on experiential learning and professional development.

We place our program participants in all career fields throughout Asia, with our extensive network of 450+ partner companies, which includes multinational companies, SMEs, and NGOs.

Operating since 2013, AIP has placed 400+ candidates with a 96% success rate in internship placement.

Asia Internship Program has established and maintains relationships with leading universities across the globe including Cornell University (American Ivy League institution), National University of Singapore (#1 ranked university in Asia), IPE Management School (Premier business school in France), University of Hull (UK’s top university for graduate employability), and Fachhochschule der Wirtschaft (one of the first private universities in Germany).

Furthermore, AIP is a top internship provider via GoAbroad and GoOverseas.


Students Placed


Placement Succes


Partner Companies

Program Benefits

Our international internship program will enable students to apply and expand their professional working knowledge in a real world business environment. An internship creates a unique opportunity for students to explore and kick-start their career paths at an early stage, while simultaneously gaining valuable business connections.

The benefits that Asia Internship Program can provide for your son or daughter will put them in the driver’s seat to advance their future careers.


Guaranteed Internship in Field of Choice

Asia Internship Program strives to provide for our applicants the ideal internship placement company by taking into account their field of choice, specifications, and requirements. With our trusted network of partner companies, we are able to find the perfect company for your son or daughter, and ensure they will receive relevant and practical working experience.


International Work Experience

In today’s competitive job market, participating in an international internship is an ideal route for young professionals to differentiate themselves from their peers. Employers highly value candidates with international working experience because it shows they are much more dynamic and not afraid to step out of their comfort zone. International working experience in Asia will open many doors for your son or daughter that they may not have had in their home country.

Furthermore, it’s one thing to do an internship, but finding the right internship that fits your needs can be difficult. Going to another country to do an internship and realizing it isn’t what you were looking for can be a problem. However, AIP can guarantee that interns will get the most out of their internship experience, by mediating with the companies to solve any issues. If need be, AIP will find a new company for the intern to work with.


Professional Networking Opportunities

Asia Internship Program strongly encourages their participants to attend networking events to further enhance their professional contact network. AIP offers access to a minimum of 1 exclusive business networking event per month.

Additionally, AIP organizes their own monthly panel and networking event called #BIG, which we invite our program participants to attend.


Academic Credit

If your child requires academic credit from participating in an internship through Asia Internship Program, we can provide that by working with their university. Hundreds of past interns with AIP have acquired academic credit upon completion of their internship. Our team can supervise and monitor the student’s internship progress, as well as provide the necessary resources to report back to their university.

Visa and Safety

The health and safety of your child is Asia Internship Program’s utmost priority during the duration of their internship. We will provide them with a guide of Do’s and Dont’s in regards to their respective host country, as well as make sure they are well informed of what to do in case of an emergency. AIP also provides 24/7 emergency assistance for your child.


Visa Assistance

It is very important to be informed that proper visa documentation is mandatory for students to legally intern abroad. Asia Internship Program has years of experience in processing visas in the destinations that we offer, and will provide assistance through the entire visa process. We can confidently assure you that your child will receive the proper visa documentation to intern in their host country and fully enjoy their experience.


Your Child’s Safety

Asia Internship Program’s priority is the health and safety of your child during the duration of their internship with us. After your son or daughter arrives to their destination, we will provide them with a list of telephone contact information including AIP, their host company, the nearest hospital to their accommodation, and emergency hotline 


Airport Pickup

Upon arrival of your son or daughter at the airport, we will have a driver waiting for them, who will bring them safely to their accommodation.


Staying in Contact with Your Child

Also when your son or daughter arrives at the airport, we will provide them with a preloaded local SIM card, which they can use to communicate with AIP, their host company, other interns, as well as international communication to their family and friends. In case you’re unable to get into contact with your child, please don’t hesitate to call our offices so that we can help you in this matter. 


Our office phone number is (+66) 2331 8977.

AIP will also monitor your child’s progress during their internship and can make sure that he or she are taking full advantage of their experiences.

*Airport pickup and SIM card are only available for Standard & Signature Packages.


Parent Testimonials

Laura Jenkins

Laura Jenkins and Anthony Jenkins


My son Anthony had previously been on vacation in Thailand back in 2009 and he always wanted to go back because he enjoyed his time there so much. During his sophomore year in college, he found Asia Internship Program online and saw that Thailand was an offered destination as he was going through the website.


Anthony applied to do a Business Development internship in Thailand since his Bachelor’s degree was in International Business. I was so surprised how fast and smoothly the entire application process went. Anthony had his interview with AIP and within a few weeks he had his initial interview with his host company.


Once Anthony arrived in Thailand I was really impressed with his accommodations and workplace as he was sending me pictures. Anthony also really enjoyed the host company he was working with because they were a start-up company with a small team, which Anthony said made the experience more challenging and fun.


Anthony is now back home in the U.S. and is thinking about going back to Thailand to work full time as he has made some valuable connections. I would highly recommend Asia Internship Program because I can now see how professional and reliable they are.

Frans Nunnikhoven

Frans Nunnikhoven and Emma Nunnikhoven


We chose the Asia Internship Program because my daughter, Emma, needed to do an internship abroad as a part of her study program. However, the university offered little help in the search for an actual internship, the accommodation and dealing with the administrative procedures of receiving the right visa. That is why we started our search online. We quickly found AIP and they offered to take care of all those headaches. This was a great relief for my daughter and myself. My daughter was looking for a finance internship in Korea. After doing some research, we found out that this would be quite hard, especially with the visa. Nevertheless, AIP was able to pull it off as promised.

She is actually now in Korea doing her internship. She is very happy with the projects she is working on during her internship and she also likes her accommodation a lot. I want to thank everybody of the AIP team who has helped. I would certainly recommend your services to other parents and students.

Letter from the MD

penLetter to Parents

Dear Parents,

You are probably on our platform right now because your child is either thinking about interning abroad or has already decided to do so. This is a cause to celebrate! Your child is soon set to join an elite group of future leaders in the world. By making this decision, your child is making an important statement about her commitment to prepare herself to be an engaged global citizen in an increasingly internationalized society. She will mature exceedingly and gain valuable insights as a result of her choice. Additionally, she is differentiating her resume in a critical way from the competition in a hyper-competitive job market in the international economy.

Like no other academic gain in university, international internships hold the opportunity to transform hearts and minds. The desire to intern abroad is a desire to grow intellectually and practically, a desire to challenge norms and prejudiced ideas, a desire to immerse in the diversity of human culture. Our vision at Asia Internship Program describes our highest purpose as “advancing student development.” We craft customized internships in order to accomplish this most noble of goals. That is why Asia Internship Program is so committed to encouraging students to intern overseas.

Of course, you want to know what this journey entails. Is she going to be safe? Will she receive academic credit for the internship? What does she have to do? Browse through this website which will answer questions you may have. If you have further queries, kindly email [email protected] The entire team here exists to provide guidance to students and their families in their efforts to participate in this innovative occasion.

Warm Regards,
Ken Jayaphorn
Managing Director

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