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AIP is a professional internship placement provider, committed to creating the ideal internship experience for you. Recognize our program as an investment to further develop yourself personally and professionally, which can be highly valuable for your future career success.

So you’ve possibly decided on a destination that you want to go to, and an internship career field that you would like to pursue. Here you will find the packages that we offer to make your internship experience even more enjoyable. All of our packages include a customized internship placement, visa assistance, and 24/7 emergency assistance. Below you will see all of the other amazing features that AIP offers.



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Any time of the year
  • Customized internship placement
  • 24/7 emergency assistance
  • Visa assistance
  • CV/Resume Enhancement
  • Certification from your host company
  • Networking Events (Thailand Only)


Any time of the year
  • Placement Package Features
  • Furnished Accommodation
  • Airport pick-up at arrival
  • Preloaded Transportation card
  • Domestic SIM Card
  • Pick-up and drop-off from your apartment to your workplace on your first day
  • Language & Culture Course (Thailand Only)

Signature PACKAGE

Any time of the year
  • Standard Package Features
  • Deluxe Accommodation
  • Gym Pass (Guava pass or Similar)
  • Monthly Trip to Explore the Country
  • Language Classes
  • Exclusive Networking Events




thailand package header


DurationPlacement PackageStandard PackageSignature Package
2 months9403,125Upon Request
3 months9403,9106,100
4 months1,1305,1608,130
5 months1,2506,1009,530
6 months1,3206,94010,780


DurationPlacement PackageStandard PackageSignature Package
2 months8502.840Upon Request
3 months8503.5405.520
4 months1.0204.6707.360
5 months1.1305.5208.620
6 months1.2006.2809.760

*The prices are fixed in US Dollars ($) and are subject to 7% VAT.

Hong Kong
South Korea

Services & Fees Drill Down

AIPX (fast placement)

If you can’t wait to get started, accelerate your admissions process with our express service AIPx.

Fast track your application and get an interview with a placement provider within 2 weeks.


For those looking to share the gift of experience with a friend, include their name and email address during the application process.

You will receive a 10% discount off your fee, and your friend will receive 5% off theirs.


Be a part of the AIP network! Connect with other interns in our program during your internship and beyond.
As an Alumni of AIP, you will receive special benefits which include:

  • The privilege of receiving a 10% discount, if you choose to participate in another internship through AIP.
  • If you refer a friend to AIP, they will also receive a 10% discount on their internship package.

*All of these services can be requested upon during your interview and in the application form.

20% Internship Placement

We create and provide your customized internship placement with an initial interview, and in direct contact with your future host company. This component accounts for 20% of the total package fee.

45% Accommodation

We provide a safe and fully furnished accommodation in nearby distance to your workplace during the duration of your internship. This component accounts for 45% of the total package fee.

10% On Ground Support

We provide a safe and fully furnished accommodation in nearby distance to your workplace during the duration of your internship. This component accounts for 45% of the total package fee.

10% Community Engagement Activities

We provide various community engagement activities with all of our current interns, which may include dinners, day trips to local attractions, and networking events. This component of our program accounts for 10% of the total package fee.

15% Service Fees

Asia Internship Program needs to stay up and running for future students and young professionals to enjoy our service, so 15% of the total package fee will go to them.

*Asia Internship Program is inclined to provide our interns with a breakdown of how our program fees will go towards their entire internship experience.

*Above you see a drill down of how AIP utilizes the fees for the standard package.

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