Top 7 Sites To Find A Condo In Singapore

Singapore is highly recognized for being one of the most luxurious cities in Asia.

With popular attractions such as Universal Studios at Sentosa Island, the famous boat shaped hotel at Marina Bay Sands, and the nightlife at Clarke Quay, it’s no surprise that tourists regularly flock to this city-state.

Not only is Singapore a popular tourist destination, but it’s also the top business hub in Asia.

Along with this, there is a huge expat population in Singapore, making the Lion City a very culturally diverse destination.

A challenge that some of these expats face however, is having the proper resource in finding a suitable accommodation.

Luckily for you, we’ve created a list of the top 7 sites to find a condo in Singapore.

1. RentinSingapore


RentinSingapore is a Singapore rental marketplace, offering the most up to date property listings and tenant profiles.

But in more detail, they provide a platform which is matching landlords and agents with potential tenants looking for a room or whole unit for rent.

RentinSingapore focuses on targeting only rental sector and maintains the largest database of tenants in Singapore actively looking for rooms or whole units for rent.

Not only is their site packed with useful information and up to date content, but the site is very easy to use and user friendly.

We highly suggest using RentinSingapore to find the ideal accommodation for you!

2. KeyLocation


Finding the right accommodation for yourself is one thing, but another factor to consider is the location. For some people, the location is one of the most important aspects in their decision making process.

Things such as budget and proximity to work/school are important to be aware of when looking for a condo.

This is where KeyLocation comes into play.

KeyLocation’s main focus is to provide better data and search tools to help renters find the locations and condos which best suit them.

This site is a great tool for you to use if you're not familiar with the different districts in Singapore, which can get quite confusing for someone new to this city-state.

3. PropertyGuru


If you were to search on Google for real estate in Singapore, the first site you're sure to find is PropertyGuru.

Regarded as the leading Singapore property website, PropertyGuru is an excellent resource to utilize.

This real estate portal gives you access to thousands of properties for rent and sale. Tools such as photos, maps, and detailed information about each accommodation will help you find the perfect condo or apartment in Singapore.

The "Search on Map" feature that PropertyGuru maintains is an awesome tool so you can navigate through the city as to where you're looking for an accommodation.

PropertyGuru is one of the must use resources for all expats, international students/interns in Singapore.

4. iProperty


Many people when looking for a condo or apartment like to have as many tools as possible at their disposal in order to make the best decision.

iProperty is the ideal site for you to take advantage of if you're a person that likes to have a lot of resources to help you.

For example, iProperty provides features like property news, district guides throughout Singapore, guides for expatriates, and so much more.

iProperty also offers one of the largest real estate databases in Singapore, which is sure to help you find the perfect accommodation.

5. STProperty


Bursting into the Singapore real estate scene since 2007, STProperty is another great site to use to find a condo in Singapore.

STProperty is rapidly growing as one of the must use property websites amongst Singapore locals, as well as expats living in Singapore.

Conceptualized as a one-stop property services suite, STProperty's comprehensive database of resources includes informative guides and article, current market trends, and property listings that encompass all types of property.

STProperty maintains a seamless platform to effortlessly match agents to home-seekers for a smooth and hassle free experience.

6. Gumtree


Another site that you can use to find a condo in Singapore is Gumtree, although it is not a real estate only website.

Gumtree is a free classified advertisements site where you can buy many different kinds of things such as miscellaneous goods, property, services, jobs, etc.

The goal of Gumtree is to give you a simple and easy to use tool that lets you quickly find what you might be looking for.

You won't get all of the features that other real estate website have, but it is a very user friendly site to use.

7. iLiveSG


One of the issues with finding a condo or apartment is trying to avoid paying agent fees. With Singapore being one of the most expensive places in the world to live, saving money in any way is important.

iLiveSG is a site to help potential tenants and landlords to find each other directly, without getting service from an agent. This allows both parties to save money from an agent fee which can add up to one month's rent.

Another great benefit of iLiveSG is that you can search for an accommodation by location throughout Singapore, as well as different MRT stations.

This feature makes it very beneficial to find an accommodation that is near your workplace or school, or just in a general area that you prefer.

Find Your Ideal Condo In Singapore For Your Internship

All of these websites are great resources to use when looking for a condo in Singapore or any other kind of accommodation to rent.

These sites all have their own different features and tools, but at the end of the day they all provide the same service.

Singapore is a very diverse country which holds a cocktail of different cultures and nationalities. This makes the real estate sector very active in this region.

If you're planning to do an internship in Singapore or you've already been accepted for a Singapore internship, then you're probably looking for an apartment or condo to rent.

This article should help get you started to finding the perfect accommodation based on your needs, budget, and preferred location in Singapore.

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