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Tips For A Young Professional In Singapore

By Daniel | 12/10/2018

Over time, and particularly in the last 15 or 20 years, Singapore has become recognized as an international hub of business and innovation. As such, it’s a place more and more young people pass through, for education, for internships, and…

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aip safety watch

AIP Smart Safety Watch

By Dennis | 12/04/2018

Whenever parents consider the opportunity for their children to study, intern, or travel abroad, safety always plays a major factor in their decision. Currently, at AIP, we maintain various safety and prevention procedures to ensure that our program participants have an…

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business etiquette

Business Etiquette in Thailand: Introducing Yourself

By Mariya | 21/03/2018

First impressions matter when it comes to business. This makes business etiquette one of the most important soft skills you can ever learn. Research shows time and time again that for better or worse, these impressions play a big part…

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real estate internship in singapore

Real Estate Internship In Singapore

By Daniel | 09/03/2018

The possibility of being the master of one’s own career draws many millennials towards real estate industry. The especially glamorous portrayal of the life of real estate professionals in TV shows and movies only goes on to make youngsters want…

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ngo internship in china

NGO Internship In China

By Daniel | 05/03/2018

Serving others and yourself too in the process is one of the best ways to spend your summer break. International NGO internship in China will give you the best summer vacation of your life, where you’ll be lending a helping…

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import export internship in singapore

Import Export Internship In Singapore

By Daniel | 26/02/2018

International trade is the lifeline of the economy of the modern world. Each country has its own sets of abundances and deficits that it tries to leverage and bridge respectively through export and import activities. A career in import and…

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journalism internship in korea

Journalism Internship in Korea

By Daniel | 23/02/2018

Love to read, write, travel, listen to people’s stories and research? You might want to try your hand at journalism. As a journalist, you can not only earn the respect of people you may or may not know, but you…

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korea internship

Jorge’s Korea Internship Part 2

By Guest | 22/02/2018

Hello everyone, my name is Jorge and it’s a pleasure to write to you again. As a continuation from my previous blog, I’m in South Korea working on my internship in Marketing and Advertising. I’m placed with a company that…

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hospitality internship in china

Hospitality Internship In China

By Daniel | 19/02/2018

Are you planning on making a career in hospitality industry? Have you thought about the steps you’ll need to take to get started on your quest? A college degree in hospitality management is a great place to begin your efforts.…

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Everything You Need to Know About Lunar New Year 2018

By Mariya | 16/02/2018

As we welcome the Year of the Dog in 2018, here is an introduction to the Lunar New Year aka Chinese New Year! Read on to find out what and when is Lunar New Year, what the Year of the…

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