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journalism internship in korea

Journalism Internship in Korea

By Daniel | 23/02/2018

Love to read, write, travel, listen to people’s stories and research? You might want to try your hand at journalism. As a journalist, you can not only earn the respect of people you may or may not know, but you…

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korea internship

Jorge’s Korea Internship Part 2

By Guest | 22/02/2018

Hello everyone, my name is Jorge and it’s a pleasure to write to you again. As a continuation from my previous blog, I’m in South Korea working on my internship in Marketing and Advertising. I’m placed with a company that…

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Everything You Need to Know About Lunar New Year 2018

By Mariya | 16/02/2018

As we welcome the Year of the Dog in 2018, here is an introduction to the Lunar New Year aka Chinese New Year! Read on to find out what and when is Lunar New Year, what the Year of the…

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korea internship

Jorge’s Korea Internship Part 1

By Guest | 31/01/2018

Hello! My name is Jorge and I’m a student at The Art Institute of Washington, majoring in Advertising and Graphic Arts. In order to graduate, I need to complete an internship as part of my curriculum. I consider myself both…

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real estate internship in korea

Real Estate Internship In Korea

By Daniel | 29/01/2018

Real estate is one of those fields that require the practitioners to have a unique and balanced understanding of business planning, policy compliance and environmental regulations. Entering this multidisciplinary field with just a degree in real estate is not enough.…

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internship in korea

South Korea Welcome Guide

By Dennis | 23/01/2018

Useful Tips For Your Internship Welcome to South Korea! Your internship experience is one of the most important pieces of the foundation you are laying down for a successful career. Since the professional world can be very different from the…

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import export internship in korea

Import Export Internship In Korea

By Daniel | 19/01/2018

Import and export are the key building activities of any country’s economy. The exchange of goods and services among the countries has been one of the important factors in the world coming together as an inter-connected global village. Such important…

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10 BEST Apps You Need in South Korea!

By Mariya | 17/01/2018

South Korea is well-known for being technologically forward, boasting the fast internet speed and high smartphone penetration, making it the perfect place for apps to flourish! Having the right mobile applications can make all the difference in your experience abroad.…

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graphic design internship in korea

Graphic Design Internship In Korea

By Daniel | 02/01/2018

For the creative and artistic souls, graphic designing is proving to be quite a desirable and lucrative career option. Because they render captivating visual concepts, create designs using hand or computer software and communicate ideas through inspiring illustrations, graphic designers…

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entrepreneurship internship in korea

Entrepreneurship Internship In Korea

By Daniel | 15/12/2017

While some graduates turn to the conventional road of getting a secure job and settling down for good, there are others who have more adventurous plans in mind. These are the people who want to be their own masters of…

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