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Logistics and Supply chain internship Korea

Logistics & Supply Chain Internship In Korea

By Daniel | October 2, 2017

Are you still on the fence about whether you should go for that Supply Chain internship in Korea? Don’t be! If you have chosen to make a career in supply chain and logistics industry, then you owe a Supply Chain…

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HR internship in korea

HR Internship In Korea

By Daniel | September 1, 2017

Did you know that most of the entry-level jobs in HR sector require candidates to have relevant prior work experience? The kind of work experience that is typically expected of candidates can be acquired by the means of an HR…

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Environmental internship in korea

Environmental Internship In Korea

By Daniel | August 7, 2017

Not long ago, concepts like environment preservation and management were more like buzzwords. Surely there was interest among certain groups of people for these issues, but making a career out of this passion didn’t seem as feasible as it does…

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Marketing internship in korea

PR and Marketing Internship In Korea

By Daniel | July 10, 2017

Many individuals covet a career in PR and Marketing because of the glamour, excitement and challenges that the career entails. For those who enjoy a dynamic and fast-paced work style, and collaborating with different types of people, a job in…

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finance internship in korea

Finance Internship In Korea

By Daniel | June 2, 2017

Having a successful career in the finance industry is a dream for many. And why shouldn’t it be, after all finance jobs are very much stable and lucrative. In fact they are anything but boring! But for most this dream…

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Korean food

Korean Food – Top 10 Dishes Every Foodie Must Try

By Dennis | May 24, 2017

Korean food is one of the most revered cuisines around the world. Once you think of Korean food the first things that come to mind are Kimchi and Korean BBQ. Yes, those are a big part of the Korean food…

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engineering internship in korea

Engineering Internship in Korea

By Daniel | May 19, 2017

South Korea may not seem like the most conventional choice for pursuing an engineering internship. Most people know little about the engineering scope in this small country in East Asia. But a deeper research into South Korea will reveal the…

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business development internship in korea

Business Development Internship In Korea

By Daniel | May 8, 2017

South Korea serves as the perfect epitome for rising from the ashes. It took just one generation for the country to transcend from a poor economy to a high-income economy. Today the country ranks 4th in the top 5 economies…

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IT internship in Korea

IT Internship in Korea

By Daniel | April 30, 2017

Having had its own share of ups and downs, the Information Technology industry has always managed to come out as a winner every time. And with the technology revolution taking over the world, one thing that is undoubtedly clear is…

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Summer internship

What You Should Know For Your Summer Internship In Asia

By Dennis | March 31, 2017

The winter season has come to an end and Spring has now arrived. I’m sure you’re excited that the weather is warming up and you can finally breakout your t-shirts and khaki shorts. You’re also probably very enthusiastic that it’s halfway…

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