china internship

Is a China Internship Scary? Halloween Special

By Mariya | October 31, 2017

Interested in doing an international internship, but also worried about living abroad? This October special blog will tackle common fears people have about doing an internship abroad in China. A country like China can be intimidating even for seasoned travelers!…

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How To Celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival: Chinese Moon Festival

By Jinn | September 27, 2017

Every year, on the 15th day of the eighth month in the Chinese lunar calendar (September – October), it is a big day across much of East Asia. Families will gather together for dinner, spherical fruits like pears, grapes, pomegranates,…

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Singapore food

Singapore Food – Top 10 Dishes All Foodies MUST EAT

By Dennis | July 26, 2017

Singapore, located right in the heart of Southeast Asia, is home to a melting pot of cultures and international influences. Despite this city-state as being one of the most expensive destinations in the world to live, Singapore is a very…

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Thai food

Thai Food – Top 10 Dishes That Are A MUST EAT

By Dennis | June 21, 2017

Thailand is famous for many things. Tourists every year flock to the beautiful beaches and visit the stunning temples. The Kingdom is also the origin of the mixed martial arts of Muay Thai. However, more famous than all of that…

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Korean food

Korean Food – Top 10 Dishes Every Foodie Must Try

By Dennis | May 24, 2017

Korean food is one of the most revered cuisines around the world. Once you think of Korean food the first things that come to mind are Kimchi and Korean BBQ. Yes, those are a big part of the Korean food…

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marketing internship in hong kong

PR and Marketing Internship In Hong Kong

By Daniel | May 5, 2017

Ask experienced PR and Marketing professionals for one tip for the newbies in this field, and most will tell you to complete your education and get an internship experience to ensure a good start. While the academic degree teaches you…

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Malaysia food

Malaysia Food – Top 10 Eats That Are INSANELY Delicious!

By Dennis | April 10, 2017

Malaysian cuisine encompasses a cocktail of different tastes and ethnic groups. The Malaysia food culture has heavy influences from the Malays, Indians, Indonesians and Chinese. With the use and combination of aromatic ingredients such as cumin, coriander and chilis, Malaysian…

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How to Celebrate Songkran: the Thai New Year

By Mariya | April 5, 2017

For most people in the Western world, the phrase ‘New Year‘ invokes fireworks, champagne, countdowns, and kisses. In Thailand, the New Year known as Songkran is greeted with a splash of ice cold water, din sor pong, loud music and…

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Living in singapore

Singapore Guide: Living in Singapore

By Mariya | February 10, 2017

Are you looking to live the expat life in Singapore, or perhaps simply curious about what it would be like living in Singapore? Look no further for the answer to your questions, concerns and considerations about Singapore life. Nestled near…

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singapore travel guide

The Most Useful Singapore Travel Guide For 2018

By Dennis | January 23, 2017

Are you planning to visit Singapore this year? Maybe you’ve already booked your ticket to the Lion City. Either way, you’re looking for a Singapore travel guide that will help make your holiday more enjoyable and convenient. Luckily, you’ve found…

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