Top 6 Sites For Finding Your Ideal Apartment in Bangkok

Bangkok is well known for its metropolis lifestyle, delicious food, and beautiful attractions and not to mention its affordable living standards.

Locally known as the “City of Angels” the city has become Thailand ranked was ranked 7th in the top expat destinations in 2015.

However, when relocating one of the many challenges foreigners often face is the lack of resource needed to finding the right accommodation.

Whether your relocating for work, university, retirement, or even seeking an internship in Bangkok, after reading this article you will find yourself well equipped with the means to finding the perfect place.

6. Bangkok Condo Finder

Bangkok Condo Finder

Whether you’re looking for an apartment in heart of Bangkok or prefer the peaceful outskirts away from commotion of the busy inner city life offers timely listings of apartments for sale and short/long-term rental.

The website offers a transparent step-by-step process to selecting the right place based on your preferences from your desired locations, property, price range, and bedrooms.

A significant feature that you may find appealing  about Bangkok Condo Finder is their optional service that lets you avoid the hassle of browsing through their thousands of property listings while an agent takes care of it all.

This service is extremely convenient for  people with a busy work schedules or those who not entirely motivated to sit hours behind a computer screen looking for apartments.

5. Rent Bangkok Condos

Rent Bangkok Condos

Rent Bangkok condo specializes in offering the finest real estate on the market.

The real estate agency provides property listings in all areas of Bangkok.

Similar to most apartment finder websites Rent Bangkok condo has a reliable search engine tool that allows for more descriptive searches based on personal necessity and preferences.

On the website you will find various rental options from condominiums, townhouses, single houses, and pet friendly properties.

4. Hipflat


Unlike many of the other apartment finder websites Hipflat has more to offer.

In addition to its variety of great apartment listings that can be easily browsed through its search engine filters, Hipflat lets you see what is around the neighborhood as well!

Whether it be 7/11s, Pokestops or supermarkets, you can easily choose the best location for your needs.

3. Thailand-Property

Thailand Property

When it comes to the company’s webpage design Thailand-property definitely hit the nail on the head.

When you visit the webpage your automatically greeted with a pleasant homepage that gives you the sense of certainty that yes!

I have finally found the website the will provide me with right apartment to fit my needs.

The simplicity of webpage navigation is outstanding.

Another impressive feature Thailand-property is their option for people seeking apartments to sign up to their website.

This option provides users with updates regarding new property listings and property listings pertaining to their search preferences

2. Thailand’s Craigslist


When it comes to classified search forums, craigslist is one the most formally known websites.

Craigslist is extremely diligent when it comes to proposing users with advanced search filters that ultimately make searching for a place straightforward.

For example on craigslist you’ll find that you have the options of refining your search options from newest post which will provide you with the most recent listings or the possibility searching for apartments that permit smoking, pets, and provides wheelchair accessibility.

1. DD Property

DD Property

DD property completes the countdown and without a doubt is the cherry to cake when it comes to apartment finding websites.

Although their website is extremely elemental in my opinion, DD property is unquestionably the focal webpage of apartment finding.

Similar to the previous mentioned websites DD property offers refined search tools for better customers search experiences.

However, what makes DD property unique from other its competitors is their Ask Guru forum regarding Thai property.

This feature creates a live interactive platform of communication between professional agents and property seekers who have concerns regarding anything from buying, selling, renting, and investments.

Lastly, unlike all the other online real estate agencies DD property can be accessed through mobile apps that are compatible with Android and iOS platforms allowing you search for property on the go!

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